Selected Duty Free experiences

Melbourne invites you to Stir Creativity with Bombay Sapphire

Experience your perfect Bombay and tonic

If you’re travelling through Melbourne over the next couple of weeks, then this event is an absolute must-visit – especially if you love gin as much as we do here at Forum. Bombay Sapphire, the world’s most famous gin, has created an incredible immersive gin experience at the Duty Free store. We went to check it out.

Upon arrival we were invited to create a drink that’s one part gin, and three parts us. Well, it would be rude not to! The first stop is a walkway with an incredible living wall, and smoke filled bubbles that, when they burst, flood your senses with the smell of Bombay’s most popular mixers.

The scent of mint, lime and tonic water already had our mouths watering for a refreshing gin drink.

After a quick stop at the selfie station, where a Bombay Sapphire blue stained glass arches overheard, we found our way to the mix bar. Here we were delighted by the sensorial flavour station, a great interactive display that lets you pick your 3 favourite garnishes after smelling them all. This was a tough call, but one were happy with our decision we handed our choices to the bartender – who immediately mixed up our custom cocktail.

We can report it was absolutely delicious, and absolutely beautiful. We made sure to get it up on Instagram using #stircreativity before we drank it though, to discover that our image was immediately displayed on a screen behind the bar!

And the experience didn’t stop there. We purchased a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, and were presented with unique neck tag with our recipe on, a gift bag and kaleidoscope. And if you spent over $65 AUD you were granted access to the Plaza Premium Lounge where a free cocktail was waiting for you.

So if you find yourself at Melbourne Airport before December 6th be sure to go to Duty Free and make sure you Stir Creativity too.