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The most delicious trip around the world

Start your journey with Ferrero Rocher World Map

When you think about chocolate, you surely have Ferrero Rocher in mind. It is one of the most popular brands chosen by sweet-toothed fans across the world. Did you know that the brand was created in 1982, in a small Italian town called Alba in the Piedmont region? The objective was always to produce luxury chocolate. This did not take long to achieve. Since then, Ferrero Rocher have enamoured the palates of millions across 150 countries in  5 continents.

Even if you eat it blindfolded, you will recognize this chocolate. Ferrero Rocher offers a unique flavour experience through contrasting layers containing a whole roasted hazelnut, encased in a crunchy thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut chocolate, and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

When the trip comes to an end and you are ready to board the plane to go home, you are likely to start thinking about the next destination. Ferrero Rocher now offers a sweet and personalised way to help you plan your next adventure. Ferrero Rocher World Map is a premium presentation containing eight delicious pralines, ideal for sharing when planning a new holiday with your travel companion.

The best part of a journey is sharing the golden experience with your loved ones.

Exclusively designed for duty free, this travel gift box showcases a golden map that symbolises the precious experiences of discovering new places. “Where do we go next?” is written at the front, evocative of the feelings and aspirations of living new experiences.

Without a doubt, the best part of travelling is coming back and seeing all the people that you have missed. It is at the time of retelling your travel tales, laughing together and recommending destinations. You will realise that you are not the same person you were before boarding the plane. Jetting around the world and discovering new places changes us forever, leaving a mark, and shifting perspectives.

Celebrate these changes with the new Ferrero Rocher World Map. A true symbol of excellence and quality, that will make any gathering into a special occasion. 

Ferrero Rocher World Map

A journey through delicious layers, starting with gold. Where do we go next?

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