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Noha Nabil, A Middle Eastern Icon

The fashion influencer from Kuwait makes her debut as an ambassador for Swarovski

Born in Kuwait, Noha Nabil is one of the most powerful fashion influencers in the Middle East. This is perhaps why Swarovski has chosen her as a brand ambassadress.

The TV presenter is also a fashion blogger with almost 8 million followers on Instagram. This is not her first incursion into the luxury goods market. In the past, Nabil has collaborated with Givenchy, Fendi, and Armani, amongst others. She is also an entrepreneur, having launched her own makeup and fragrance collections.

“I have always admired the brand and this new collection is beautifully fitting for the social festivities that occur during the Holy Month", Nabil has said about her collaboration with Swarovski, the iconic jewellery label.


A sparkly ambassadress

“Along with her radiant beauty, and personal sense of style, she embodies the sophistication of the modern modest women, exuding self-confidence that speaks true to Swarovski’s brand value, I am particularly admirative (sic) of Noha’s brilliant ability to speak authentically with her heart and therefore to connect instantly with people”, announced Swarovski’s Creative Director, Nathalie Colin.


Uma publicação partilhada por Noha Nabil (@nohastyleicon) a

The brand, internationally renowned for its sophisticated pieces in high precision cut glass crystal, was created in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski. Currently based in Wattens, Austria, their exquisite creations (renowned for the high precision cut, and the capacity of their crystal to reflect light with unparalleled sparkle and magic), are exported to the rest of the world.

The new alluring publicity campaign was filmed in the desert. You can see Noha calmly walking on the huge dunes, wearing some of the most emblematic pieces from the new Swarovski collection.



Uma publicação partilhada por Noha Nabil (@nohastyleicon) a

The celebration of Ramadan, which marks the end of fasting, is a very special moment for women, who will be carefully selecting their accessories and jewellery for the occasion. The Swarovski Ramadan Collection offers stunning pieces, sparkling with glamour and shine.

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