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The party doesn’t stop this season

Introducing 212 VIP Party Fever from Carolina Herrera

The guys at Carolina Herrera have done it again, with a brand new scent to add to their 212 Party collection – 212 VIP Party Fever. They promise that this is a new kind of party, just waiting for you discover it. The kind of night where the dance floor heaves with passion, and the whole crowd grooves in rhythm together. And they aren’t wrong. It’s a fragrance that truly captures the feeling of sunny days and nights of revelry that feel like they’ll never end.

We can’t wait for the party season to get underway so we have an excuse to wear this all the time.

Follow the party

There are two fragrances available, one for men and one for women. The female scent, 212 VIP Party Fever, is a dizzying cocktail of lychee, raspberry and jasmine – but with subtle hints of wood and musk. The overall effect is refreshingly fruity, making you feel spontaneous and cheerful. Like an ocean blast, this scent feels like an energising burst for when the night falls.

The male scent, 212 VIP Men Party Fever, starts with a citrus base, before layering notes of ginger, juniper, tamarind and red apple. Finished off with some floral notes, the blend is dangerously seductive and stands out as a true mark of confidence – giving the wearer the energy they need to own any party.

Chameleonic bottles

And as if the gorgeous fragrances weren’t enough, the packaging is stunning. The bottle for the female version is mesmerising, blending flowing colours together in way that feels almost psychedelic. And the male version is wrapped in a chrome effect that perfectly mirrors the effervescent atmosphere of an evening of partying. Together both bottles merge colours in a way that echoes the day bleeding into the night – the sunset cascading into the night sky as the party takes control.

Visually exquisite bottles with perfectly crafted scent, we don’t know what more you could ask for!

So pick yours up at duty free, or reserve one for collection. And you can wear a fragrance that matches the nighttime vibes on your next trip, because wherever the party leads you, the 212 Party Fever follows.

Introducing 212 VIP Party Fever from Carolina Herrera
Introducing 212 VIP Party Fever from Carolina Herrera
 212 VIP PARTY FEVER a new kind of party

212 VIP Party Fever

Take the party outside with 212 VIP Party Fever perfume for women, a new incredible limited edition. A cocktail of craziness, this sensual, fruity scent wakes up spontaneity and rewrites the rules.

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