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Pure XS Night: darker & extra excessive

Paco Rabanne returns with a fragrance that is sure to ignite your destiny.

Designed and created for seductive and extravagant men who love the unpredictable, and dare to live new experiences. For men who venture everything they have when they meet someone who drives them wild. Pure XS Night is the complete experience, a darker fragrance than the previous edition. So, what are you waiting for? Add Pure XS Night to your luggage, and intensify your travel experiences!

Pure XS Night is a fragrance that does not discriminate on the time for igniting passions! Even if you have planned every last detail, unexpected invites to new places with new people tend to present themselves on any trip. Make sure to transform yourself into the centre of desire at all times with Pure XS Night.

Pure XS Night is an aphrodisiac fragrance with the permanent in and out balance between the hot and cold of the original Pure XS. The new version takes you on a journey beyond excess, sensuality and anticipation. The original Pure XS was all about the ginger notes explosion, combined with vanilla and myrrh. Pure XS Night has these aromas but adds intensity to the notes, resulting in concentrated, pure eroticism.

Pure XS Night is THE perfume of raw sensuality, an oriental combination of fresh spices, and heated resins and woods. Two contrasting accords that combine to produce a ‘smouldering shiver’ sensation on your skin.

Darker & extra excessive the new Paco Rabanne Pure XS at duty free
Darker & extra excessive the new Paco Rabanne Pure XS at duty free

An alluring aroma

The extra dose of almost icy ginger makes the ginseng tingle voluptuously. The spiced-salted caramel adds a piquant touch, and melts into the cinnamon’s sweet warmth and the bittersweet tones of cacao.

Irresistible Curves

The sleekly shaped bottle represents the Night for Paco Rabanne. The cut-glass bottle, along with the curvaceous top, combine to give strength and potency to the design. The chiaroscuro cut-glass effect references a midnight eclipse.

Make your next destination a passionate one! Get the new Pure XS Night by Paco Rabanne at duty free stores and dive into the unknown.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Night

Excessively disturbing. Deliciously erotic. Pure XS Night is the perfume of erotic excess in its night-time state.

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