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Radiant skin with La Mer for every destination

Behind each La Mer product is a secret. Learn how to protect your skin with La Mer The Concentrate on holidays.

What happens to our skin when we are travelling by air?

Aeroplanes can be one of the most aggressive transport systems in terms of the potential for skin damage, due to the lack of moisture inside cabins. When you travel long haul (8 hours or more), the changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure can also cause dehydration. Furthermore, the chemicals used in manufacturing aeroplanes, and air conditioning equipment, can also cause skin irritation, creating fine lines and a dull skin tone

La Mer has a beauty secret that will prevent the unwanted effects on your skin that flying can cause. La Mer The Concentrate is a complete, multiple use treatment that strengthens, visibly soothes, and protects sensitive skin. La Mer The Concentrate has been specifically designed for normal, dry, and oily skin types. This product helps to visibly calm redness and irritation, leaving your skin stronger and more resilient with a healthy looking vitality.

Star’s Choice

Have you ever wondered how actresses and models manage to achieve a healthy looking complexion when they are constantly exposed to daily use of make-up, not enough sleep, and frequent travelling by air?


Some skincare favorites @lamer! What are you loving lately? #love

Una publicación compartida por Catherine Zeta-Jones (@catherinezetajones) el

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the perfect example. She always looks radiant, and her skin looks healthy at every event she attends. The actress and singer recently revealed on her Instagram account the name of her favourite beauty product: La Mer The Concentrate. Her secret? She uses La Mer The Concentrate twice a day (morning and evening) before applying moisturiser.

Other international trendsetters such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian-West have all name checked La Mer as one of their favourite luxury brands.


Four Pillars

Inflammation and your skin

La Mer The Concentrate acts directly on skin inflammation caused by external stressors such as damaging UV rays, humidity, and pollution. Repeated exposure to these irritants can cause uneven skin tone.

Concentrated effects

A super concentrated cell-renewing formula creates a liquid barrier that both strengthens and helps achieve a healthy glow.

From sensitive to stable 

This concentrated product helps to stabilise sensitive skin caused by external irritants, and replenishes its power.

Miracle multiple use

La Mer The Concentrate is your knight in shining armour when it comes to daily skin care. Start using it, and you will soon see that flying long haul no longer leaves marks on your skin.

La Mer The Concentrate

With a super-concentrated form of cell-renewing Miracle Broth™, The Concentrate creates the ideal environment to soothe the visible signs of inflammation. 

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