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Bartenders favourite, Tanqueray Malacca is back on the duty free shelves, but for how long?

Based on a recipe created by Gin maestro, Charles Tanqueray back in 1839, Tanqueray Malacca has reached almost mythical status among discerning bartenders and mixologists in cocktail bars around the globe.

A sweeter version of Tanqueray Gin, with more emphasis on citrus tones rather than the distinctive juniper of the brand’s better known sibling, Malacca is the connoisseur’s choice. With delicious hints of liquorice, spice and grapefruit, it has long been a favourite of the craft cocktail set and combined with the marque’s scarcity, its cult status is now incontrovertible.

Clear difference

Though a distinctly softer flavour profile when compared to London gins, Tanqueray Malacca is great to sip neat but still mixes well with tonics, like Fever Tree, for a classic G&T. But it’s in cocktails that the gin really comes into its own, delivering delicious variations on classics like the Tom Collins, it is also perfect for cocktails like the Martinez that call for a sweeter spirit.

But while it tastes distinctly old fashioned, Tanqueray Malacca hasn’t been around for that long. First released in the late 1990’s, it was discontinued in 2001, but revived in 2013 as a limited edition. And it’s been this propensity to release bottles in limited batches that has created such a frenzy around each reissue.Now available exclusively at Duty Free, grab yourself a bottle while stocks last.


Tanqueray Malacca is a soft, citrusy, mythical-status gin to hold onto…and maybe share

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