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Ritter Sport, the happiness of chocolate

Choco Cubes Pouch arrives direct from Germany. These tiny explosions of flavour are perfect to share with chocoholic friends.

This is the most delicious news for chocolate lovers. If you are the kind of person who cannot avoid the chocolate aisles in duty free stores, this one is for you!. The prestigious German brand Ritter Sport have just launched Choco Cubes Pouch, a selection of 50 cubes containing 397 grams of explosive flavours!

The design makes all the difference

Ritter Sport is a family business founded in Germany in 1912, by Alfred and Clara Ritter. Very few know the story of their first great success. Clara had suggested creating a chocolate bar that fitted in any sport jacket pocket without breaking into pieces, presented in the same weight as any other popular sweets at the time.

This is how they designed the first square-shaped 100g bar, divided into 16 small squares. With this design, they had produced the first thick and robust structure of 4 x 4 portions.

Such a first successful product singled out Ritter Sport from their competitors. The shape remains an easily identifiable icon to this day.



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Homage to little cubes

Ritter Sport have now launched Choco Cubes Pouch as a tribute to the format that transformed chocolate into a product that could be carried in a pocket without breaking. This innovation had substantially increased company sales. The new presentation contains the same five fillings of the famous original chocolate tablets. From the slightly acidic Strawberry Yoghurt to the sumptuous Caramel. From the intensity of Fine Nougat to the slight crunchiness of Choco Crisp. The best one has to be the Whole Nut in Nougat Cream, the most powerful flavour and a favourite of sweet lovers.

Ritter Sport 613x613

Superior Quality Cacao

Always with an eye for detail when it comes to raw ingredients, the brand principally works with three different varieties of cacao. The Criollo has a fruity taste, less bitter than other cacaos. The Forastero is highly efficient, with a lightly bitter taste. The Trinitario also has a fruity taste but is less bitter than other varieties. All cacao is sourced from plantations in Nicaragua, Peru and Ghana. Every Ritter Sport product belongs at the top of the quality scale.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

As well as other core values, there is another important detail to highlight. Ritter Sport is the first and so far the only chocolate manufacturer to utilise sustainable and exclusively certified cacao, for their entire range of products. Every day, more than 3 million chocolate bars wrapped in bright coloured paper, leave the Ritter Sport plant in the picturesque German city of Waldenbuch, to be exported to more than 100 countries around the world. This is the real happiness factory! 

Ritter Sport Choco Cubes Pouch

Whatever one of the four varieties you bag, every handful is a windfall.

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