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Roger Federer shares his tips on travelling

“My key secret to fight jet lag: stay busy!”

At the age of 38, Roger Federer is still playing tennis at the highest level and continues to entertain his fans with incredible matches. With 20 Grand Slam titles in his career, the Swiss tennis player is also a master when it comes to travelling: his busy schedule to compete in the most important tennis tournaments around the world including the US, Shanghai, Switzerland, UK and many more. He spends quite some time on the road and up in the air.

We caught up with Roger Federer at LINDT & Sprüngli factory in Kilchberg, Switzerland, just before the Swiss Indoors to discover how he manages to keep his high level of motivation to win matches while fighting jet lag. 

“And the moment you get in the plane, place your mind on your destination"

The first secret that Roger Federer has shared with us is: “stay busy… and don’t go for a romantic dinner”, he laughed. “As much as you love your wife or your husband, don’t do it. I did it once and I almost fell asleep during the romantic dinner”. But, staying busy is really his secret. It means to have a good routine when landing to adjust to the local time zone. “And the moment you get in the plane”, he added, “place your mind on your destination”. It will help you prepare yourself for what is coming. “Eat at the right time and hydrate, drink a lot of water”, he concluded. And when it comes to sitting next to someone in the airplane, Roger Federer said he is flexible “it could be somebody interesting who tells good stories or somebody that doesn’t speak at all, both ways you get to lean back and relax”.

He continued to chat about his life on the road and what motivates him to keep playing tennis. Federer is married to Mirka Federer, a former tennis player from Switzerland. They met back in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games. They have two sets of twins, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and Leo and Lennard, who travel with Roger quite often.

He enjoys having his family around and actually is one of the things that motivates him to continue to pursue further titles. “I love playing tennis, I always have and always will. What inspires me to continue to play tennis is that I enjoy travelling, I love playing on centre courts, and I have amazing support from the great team behind me. My coaches and family push me to go further, they make it possible for me to achieve my dreams!”,  Federer said. “As long as I feel that I can beat the best and have fun with it, I have a big drive and I will continue playing,” he concluded. 

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