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Rose, the colour of happiness with La Vie est Belle eau de toilette

The new Lancôme fragrance La Vie est Belle en Rose is a universal declaration of beauty.

La Vie est Belle en Rose is the new eau de toilette imagined by Lancôme, an expression of pure happiness. This is a modern interpretation of the peony as a symbol of joy, turning everyday moments into a celebration of life.

Are you ready to discover this fragrance? Stop by the duty free stores next time you are at the airport and transform your travels into magical moments.

An Invitation To Optimism

The floral heart of La Vie est Belle en Rose is the star of this eau de toilette, offering a new take on freshness. The famous iris and woody base notes that made La Vie est Belle an iconic fragrance, have been both lightened and enriched with a new fresh floral bouquet. The fragrance’s powerful heady notes of bergamot and red fruits instantly capture your senses, while the rose and peony accords have an irresistible luminosity.

The Inspiration 

The story of La Vie est Belle is a story of happiness, a feeling that sparkles brighter than ever. A colourful and shiny fragrance, it leaves a pink trail of optimism with every drop. This scent transforms ordinary moments into magical ones, and invites women to experience ‘la vie en rose’ to the maximum.

This perfume will colour your world in pink hues, making you experience life differently, everywhere you go. The optimism of the pink peony is contagious, spreading refreshing magic to enable all women to see life from a new perspective. Just one drop and everything is transformed into a life seen through rose-tinted glasses, a filter of happiness that projects itself around you.

The Creation

What happens when two of the world’s most renowned Master Perfumers join forces to create a new masterpiece?

Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, worked together on La Vie est Belle en Rose eau de toilette. It was the perfect opportunity to give  a new expression to their shared love of peonies.

Anne Flipo’s vision offers a fresh and bright, floral bouquet inspired by both the peony and the rose. Dominique Ropion’s approach brings a feeling of modernity, and an almost addictive quality to the classic gourmand and peony notes. The combination is, without doubt, a masterpiece from two olfactory geniuses. 

Starring…. The multi-faceted Peony

The first encounter: a zesty top note with fresh, sparkling bergamot extracted from the fruit’s peel. Coloured with lively fresh and spicy notes of pink pepper, and an accord of red fruits, which brings a colourful, juicy and slightly acidic effect to the zesty bergamot. The result is an alluring, completely seductive combination.

The middle notes: the peony accord brings a fresh rosy note, and strengthens the flowery heart of the fragrance. The floral bouquet, the Damascene Rose Oil, and the Centifolia Rose Absolute, as well as the Lily of the Valley accord, create a penetrating sharpness, totally in harmony with the peony.

The base notes: the familiar iris gourmand of La Vie est Belle is revisited, this time, with the intense aromas of sandalwood and patchouli, which add a velvety and sensual quality to this perfume. The addition of musk gives a soft, second-skin effect. 

The overall effect: A new opus. A fresh, floral fragrance that is both luminous and addictive, like a beautiful peony bouquet in full bloom. This eau de toilette is the  personification of happiness.

The perfume bottle

This new eau de toilette is packaged in a new incarnation, an audacious bottle design that is a fitting tribute to the spirit of optimism. The iconic bottle of La Vie est Belle eau de toilette has been given a sharp, yet sweet pink filter, which slices through the top of the bottle in a triangular shape, giving a rose-tinted view on the world within. Around the neck of the bottle, the wings of freedom are the embodiment of the free spirited woman who wears it.

Julia Roberts invites you to look at the world in a new and different way. She brings to life the emblematic values that make up this fragrance, transforming the everyday into something extraordinary, through a simple gesture or smile.

An international declaration of happiness in the shape of a universal message of positivity that women can identify with. La Vie est Belle en rose is an ode to optimism, and a new expression of joy and vitality.

Julia Roberts’s radiant smile and spontaneous attitude invite you to celebrate a liberated life. 

Next time you are at the airport, make sure to visit duty free stores to purchase Lancôme’s new eau de toilette and feel like a true free spirit!

La Vie Est Belle En Rose

La Vie est Belle is an ode to happiness. The famous La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum is reinterpreted with a floral fresh, petaly, generous and luminous signature of a peony and roses heart.

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