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Savour summer with Bombay Sapphire English Estate

The leading gin makers present a limited edition inspired by the English countryside in summer.

During the holidays, our senses prepare themselves to experience new sensations. From that point of view, there are few things more stimulating than the aromas, flavours, and landscapes of the English countryside in summer.

Bombay Sapphire, worldwide leaders in premium gin production, announce the launch of a new limited-edition gin: Bombay Sapphire English Estate. This exclusive gin is inspired by the beautiful landscapes that surround the Laverstoke Mill Distillery, in Hampshire UK.

The English countryside has long been an inspiration to artists, from master painters like Turner to the modern-day David Hockney. The brand has always been committed to creativity and is now inspired by the magic of the iconic landscapes, to produce this new gin.

Created in the stunning surroundings of the Laverstoke Mill distillery, and utilising the gentle vapour infused method that is characteristic of the brand, Bombay Sapphire English Estate balances the classic Bombay Sapphire’s citric notes, with three brand new botanicals found in Laverstoke Mill: Rosehip, Pennyroyal Mint and Hazelnut. The new ingredients combine to produce brilliant citric notes revitalised with mint, which in turn unveils a vibrant gin, perfect for summer.


How to mix it

The delicate blend of botanical ingredients in Bombay Sapphire English Estate offers unlimited creative possibilities needed to mix the best cocktails.The addition of Pennyroyal mint gives a refreshing twist to the classic G&T. Pour Bombay Sapphire English Estate in a glass filled with ice and Fever-Tree tonic water. Garnish with mint leaves and a lemon slice. Then relax and enjoy al fresco, on balmy summer afternoons.

Alternatively, the subtle hazelnut notes effortlessly blend with apple and ginger. To create The English Secret Garden cocktail, simply mix Bombay Sapphire English Estate with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale and cloudy apple juice. A deliciously refreshing cocktail perfect for sharing with friends, and enhance your summer garden party table.

Sam Carter, Senior brand ambassador, is of the opinion that Bombay Sapphire English Estate is the ideal ‘blank canvas’ for creating many cocktail recipes.“Whether mixed in a spritz, combined with bolder flavours or kept simple in a G&T, it’s the must-have accompaniment to a summer’s day – whether the weather is playing ball or not.


Limited editions

The creative process continues, as Bombay Sapphire English Estate is only the first of a series of limited editions the brand is planning to introduce over the next few years. The Bombay Sapphire English Estate limited edition is presented in the iconic emerald blue bottle and features a special design inspired by the botanical herbs used in the making of this gin. Available at duty free stores for a limited time only. Make sure to take a piece of the beautiful English countryside to make your summer last longer.

Bombay Sapphire English Estate

The new Limited Edition gin, English Estate, is inspired by the glorious English countryside, with its delicate yet vibrant notes of pennyroyal mint, rosehip and toasted hazelnut botanicals.

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