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See Beyond with these exclusive sunglasses

Discover the new Polaroid sunglasses, and why it is important to wear protection for your eyes.

Safilo, the leading Italian eyewear brand has created a new aviator-shaped sunglasses design, featuring an innovative enamel rim in a Dufry-exclusive red colour. These sunglasses look amazing with your outfits in any destination. Read on to find out the reasons why it is important to protect your eyes during the day.

UV Protection

Exposure to UV rays can cause photokeratitis (a painful eye condition caused by insufficiently protected eyes exposed to the ultraviolet rays). UV rays are also known to cause cataracts. Whilst covering up with hats and caps can sometimes block up to 50% of UV rays, specialists advise that this is not enough protection for your eyes, particularly when on the beach, up in the mountains, or on the open sea. Wearing sunglasses that feature UV protection can keep your eyes healthy.

Summer wear

Summer is the season of the year when the rays of the sun shine down perpendicularly at the earth. This means that the sun’s brightness can be more difficult to manage, as well as being more generally dangerous to our health. At other times of the year (and on downcast and cloudy days), there are different factors at play that can lessen the negative effects of the sun.

For example, clouds can act as sunscreens. This is the reason why we do not need to wear sunglasses on cloudy days. In Autumn and Winter, sun rays shine down diagonally, and therefore UV radiation is reduced, lessening the sun’s harmful impact. You should wear sunglasses all year round, and particularly during sunny days.


Light-coloured eyes need more protection

People who have light-coloured eyes tend to suffer the consequences of exposure to the sun more than people with dark coloured eyes. Light eyes such as blue, green or grey are more sensitive to sunlight as they have less protection. This is because dark coloured eyes have melanin or pigmentation, naturally providing better protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Polaroid campaign

Polaroid PLD aviator eyewear was successfully introduced in January, in Dufry’s stores throughout Latin America. Now, Dufry is rolling out the launch into European airport hubs including Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens, London and Milan. The project is part of Polaroid’s ‘See Beyond’ campaign.

Pair up these red sunglasses with a black outfit. Protect your eyes, look great, and see the world in a different light!

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