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A sight for sore eyes

Say farewell to fine lines with Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème

The skin around the eyes goes through alot. Think about it. We blink almost 29,000 times a day so the skin is constantly moving, the density is thinner than the rest of the face so it lacks some strength, and its prone to dehydration, lines and pigmentation. Flying can take its toll on the eye area too; the dry cabin air contributes to dehydration which makes lines appear deeper, not to mention it’s often difficult to sleep on a flight and exhaustion makes itself known in the eyes. It’s for these reasons that your eye area needs a dedicated and effective eye treatment, but there’s more to regenerating the eye area than simple hydration.

Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème has your back. YSL’s work in the field of ‘glycobiology’ is quite a big deal when it comes to skin. Research has found that skin cells rely on natural sugars called glycans for proper function and keep skin plump and soft to the touch. Unfortunately, like many things in life, the numbers of these healthy sugars start to decrease as we age. The result is weaker, less hydrated skin that’s more susceptible to lines and other signs of premature ageing.

Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème has been formulated with Glycanactif, a cocktail of three glycans - including Rhamnose (the famed L’Oréal labs anti-ageing ingredient) - to replace the deficit. Essential, this lightweight and silky cream boost the potential of ageing skin cells, encouraging the skin to become firmer, bouncier, more even an resilient against moisture-loss.

Use it twice a day by patting in a pea-sized amount around your eye orbital. Ensure your skin is properly cleansed first and you have already applied your targeted serums. If you’re flying, why not use Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème as an intensive treatment? Cleanse your skin with a hydrating cleanser (don’t forget cabin air is dehydrating) and apply your eye cream liberally around your eye area. Use a tapping motion with your ring finger to apply and use firm - but not dragging - upward massage motions to encourage a subtle lift and drain away any retained fluid. Chill out, watch a movie - or two - and allow your eye cream to sink in for the duration of your flight. Enjoy.

Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème

YVES SAINT LAURENT Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème

Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème is loaded with anti-aging benefits, a must for any beauty cabinet.

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