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A spark of Susana Molina at Madrid Duty Free

A new round of #ForumCelebritySeries with the Spanish IT Girl.

Susana Molina is a popular Instagrammer and Spanish IT-Girl. Her Instagram boasts nearly 235.000 followers and she has been working with international beauty brands, such as Clinique. We invited Susana to discover Madrid Duty Free and we asked her about her life as full-time influencer, travelling around the world and her experience at duty free. 

Who is Susana Molina?

I am 29 years old, a fact that I haven’t quite processed yet, and studied business (ADE) at Murcia University. I lived there until I was 22.

My last year at college was kind of hard because I was already working with social media, which was what I wanted to do for a living. That didn’t help me focus on my studies. 

When I was 22 years old I left Murcia for Sevilla, where I lived for 6 years. Now I’m living in Madrid. I knew that living in Murcia was not working for me anymore. Despite loving my home town, it felt like monotony there was slowing me down, so I decided to move.

How did you become an influencer? 

It happened without me even noticing. It was towards the end of my engagement in a TV show, where my Instagram account suddenly grew a lot! That's when I decided to focus my career on social media.

From then onwards, things started to move quickly and I started working with an agency. Things grew so much that I was able to transform all of this activity into a career. It’s been 3 years since then and I can say that this has become my work life.  


Has your life changed in any way since you are in the eye of the public? 

We are all defined by what people say about us. These comments have an impact on us whether we like it or not. In the world of social media, people are allowed to give their opinions freely without restriction and even anonymously, so imagine how that feels...

But, I can say that this hasn’t changed me much. In time you learn to keep the good and leave out the rest. I tend to think more about the posts that I share, giving my opinions about something that has happened in the world or something that has happened in my personal life. When you share that kind of stuff on social media for everyone to see, you have to stop and think about its possible consequences. That’s why the majority of times I keep it to my self to avoid misunderstandings and to not have to give any explanations.

Susana Molina at Madrid Duty Free
Susana Molina at Madrid Duty Free

When you travel, do you have a beauty routine? 

I travel quite a lot. That’s why, when I do have a long trip I take along my entire beauty package, as I have a whole routine. But if it is a work trip, they tend to be shorter periods and I just keep my basics and essentials. That is my face cleaner, a tonic, a moisturizer, and a lip balm. I have dry skin so I need to have these with me at all times.

If you have to choose which beauty products are a must for a trip, which ones would you recommend?

I would say a moisturizer and a lip balm.

During your visit, you were able to meet a Clinique beauty consultant. Would you share with us some of the best tips you were told and what you think we should apply from now on? 

One of the things that I liked the most was the facial spray. They told me about all the perks and uses of the product like using it to rehydrate and refresh my skin. It gives it a moisturized look and I loved it so much. I also like that it fits into my purse easily. Also, I learned that Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hours Auto-Replenishing Hydrator helps skin create its own internal water source, so it continues to rehydrate itself.

What did you enjoy the most during your #DutyFreeExperience in Madrid?

I have enjoyed being able to get to know better the Madrid Duty Free store and so many other things that I didn’t know existed like Forum by Dufry or the RED app. These are very useful things to have whenever you travel and even more so when you spend long periods of time at the airport. 


Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hours Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

An addictively refreshing gel-cream that provides an instant moisture boost— now enhanced to deliver almost twice as much hydration than before.

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