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A sweet experience at Zurich Duty Free

An irresistible chocolate experience with influencer Daniela Correia.

Words by Daniela Correia

Images by Gregory Koefer

Who is addicted to Shopping? Everybody right? Or at least me! I belong to this type of person who loves to shop, discover novelties and try them out. So let me tell you how particularly excited I was when I knew that I will have the opportunity to experience a chocolate degustation with the Duty Free Team at the Zürich airport. I discovered the famous Swiss chocolate brand Lindt through another angle.

Everybody knows Lindt, but did you actually know that there are only five Lindt Chocolate bars in the world and that one of them is located in Zurich airport? It’s worth a visit and to enjoy some hot/cold chocolate beverage before your flight.

Duty free is awesome for many reasons; one of the most popular would be that the products are exempt from national taxes and duties, but not only this! I noticed that the people are really passionate about what they are doing in their daily work life and this generates such a good atmosphere and great advice is provided if needed. They also always have the latest trendy product on every field; from the latest high-end perfume to the best liquor of the moment.ed.

The Duty Free Team knows how much our time is worth when we are at the airport. Most of the time, travelers are rushing. That’s why Duty Free chose carefully the highest quality products on the market and propose them to you in order to never disappoint you with your purchase. It’s made with love and don’t hesitate to take advice from their team, they will be more than happy to help you!

In addition, the Duty Free store decided to make our lives even more enjoyable at the airport than before. They arranged a collection point where you can pick up the items that you have previously ordered online, whenever you want; before or after your trip. No need to stress anymore! 


To conclude, I will definitely recommend the Duty Free shopping experience to anyone. What is better than a place where you feel like home.

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