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As sweet as Madrid!

The best nougat at Terminal 4

The beautiful city of Madrid offers a variety of sensorial experiences. El Almendro nougat (turron in Spanish) is a delicious souvenir from the Iberian capital, and as such, it has become a favourite gift for friends and family among visitors to the city.

El Almendro have been experts in the art of making turron since 1883. Their products are made with the best ingredients, expertly selected for their quality. Every turron or nougat is made with a high percentage of toasted almonds, making it a premium product.

The almonds are then mixed with caramel (made with honey and sugar) and egg whites, which creates the characteristic white colour. 

The turron box contains 8 bars, each of them weighing 25 grams, and presented in different flavour combinations such as crunchy almond, almond caramel with sesame seeds, and almond brittle. A great opportunity to taste the different varieties of high-quality turron, and take Madrid’s sweetest souvenir away with you.