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Three lessons for packing the perfect suitcase

Discover the Jet Setter’s secrets.

What do Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Chris Hemsworth have in common? They all lead extremely busy lives, and constantly travel from city to city due to their work commitments. Each of these stars now reveal their secrets to packing your luggage like a Pro, and to never leave anything behind. Follow these tips, and you will no longer need excuses. Your suitcase will be perfect the next time you go away.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress who does not have an Instagram account, and is not a fan of flying. In fact, she has recently told Vanity Fair that she doesn’t enjoy flying at all, and particularly if there is turbulence. This is why Jennifer has an infallible trick to help manage long hours on a plane. Disney movies! Hours and hours of them. The actress downloads her favourite Disney movies before leaving home, just in case they are not available on the airline’s entertainment system. "Thank you, Emma Watson, for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve seen it six or seven times." she quipped.

Like Jennifer, always remember to pack some entertainment in your hand luggage. You can’t always trust the airline’s selection!

Jennifer played the role of Joy Mangano in the award winning film Joy, in 2016. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mangano was a luggage packing goddess, and revealed some of her tips. Among her recommendations, she suggested taking clothes hangers to better transport blouses. Do you think it is a bad idea to carry even more weight? It isn’t. You will be able to save time packing and unpacking, as well as on ironing. Your clothing will arrive with less creases.


Forget all the previous advice about travelling light. That is for mere mortals! Not long ago, Rihanna went viral when a photograph of her luggage at the airport appeared on social media. There were twelve pieces of luggage, including bags and suitcases, carry-ons, and hand luggage. Not including what Rihanna carried herself.

What does this tell us about Rihanna’s style? Clearly, we should take everything we are going to need, and a bit more just in case the airline manages to lose our luggage. This is exactly what happened to Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s personal makeup artist.



#Rihanna outfit from #NYC

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On her way to a production set for RiRi, the airline lost the suitcase containing all of her makeup. An absolute catastrophe! Rihanna picked up her phone, and posted on Instagram a request for airline staff  to do everything they could to find the missing suitcase. A few hours later, it was found and was on its way to her rightful owner. All of which reminds us to always pack a sufficiently charged phone, just in case we have to appeal to the fury of Social Media to locate our lost luggage. Fingers crossed we won’t ever have to!

Chris Hemsworth

The actor who brought to life the all powerful god of thunder Thor in the global blockbuster Marvel Avengers: Endgame, is likely to spend a lot of time out of the office. Hemsworth has said in his last few interviews, that he is going to take a break from the movie industry, and spend more time at home with his family. Which means more than just staying ‘at home’. We will soon see holiday snaps of the Australian coast on Social Media. Chris was born in Australia, and he LOVES the country.



Got my carry-on luggage sorted

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Chris is a ‘hard man’ and always chooses hard shell suitcases, both as carry on, and check in luggage. It doesn’t matter how much of a jet setter you are, suitcases can and will get get knocked about, and stained and dented whilst being handled at the airport. This is why it is always better to try to prevent these type of problems. Chris is usually seen carrying the Cosmopolitan Spinner luggage. Here he is pictured with wife Elsa Pataky returning from holidays.

The Cosmopolitan Spinner, as well as a wide range of other luggage, are available at duty free stores globally. Find carry on bags, hand luggage, check in baggage, and the best backpacks for notebooks, perfect for your next travelling adventure.

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