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The Top Makeup Trends You Need to Know for Next Season

The ultimate guide for beauty lovers for Spring/Summer 2020 

Our experts pulled together the best of 2020 Spring / Summer beauty trends for you to try out this month and included some tricks of the trade to ensure you can fall in love with these trends as much as we did.

Start With a Splash of Colour

Let's jump right in with our beauty experts' number one trend spotted: colour. Trends that started on Instagram have made their way to the runways and will soon be hitting the streets this Spring.
For the more adventurous trendsetters amongst you, we recommend trying out watercolour and tie-dye makeup styles. Use bright and soft colours as though your face were a painting, blending edges together and not being afraid to colour entire areas of your face. A trick of the trade is to use your fingers to apply and blend. The warmth helps the colours to blend properly and set into your skin.  

One look we love is taking a berry stain or shadow lightly over both eyelids, covering everything up to the brow and extending down to your cheekbones. Alternatively, you can use a berry eye shadow and a separate blush or stain for your cheeks - just make sure they're similar colours. Then, use light tapping to gently deposit a metallic white or yellow powder right into the centre of your lids to make them pop. Take that same metallic white or yellow and tap it under the outer corner of your eyes, and if you want your temples. The resulting look should be colourful yet soft, like an impressionist painting of a sunset. Once you get the hang of it, you can mix and match an entire range of soft palettes and shimmering pastels.
Similar to the watercolour trend in terms of use of pigment, but much stronger in terms of presentation, for the more daring colour-lovers we highly recommend trying out the tie-dye makeup trend. The tie-dye effect is a result of vibrantly layered coloured eye shadows and eyeliners applied with a gradient technique so that one colour fades into another. Blend blend blend! Use bright, highly saturated colours.
For those of you on the younger end of the spectrum, tie-dye comes from the 1960s United States and was popularized with the free love and hippie movements. Fabric, like a t-shirt, is folded, twisted, pleated or crumpled up and bound. Dye is applied and only the exposed areas are tinted whereas the interior parts are left without colour (or a different colour is applied there pre or post tie-dye for a multi-coloured effect). Tie-dye is generally the opposite of watercolour in terms of saturation and pigmentation. Bright, saturated primary colours combine with strikingly bold patterns for a psychedelic look. Typically characteristic patterns include the peace sign, mandala and spirals.

While with the watercolour look you can paint entire swaths of your face with a light, semi-transparent splash of colour, with tie-dye you want to choose a section of your face and pump up the volume as high as it will go. Choose your eyes, or even one eye, a cheek, lips, or somewhere else and apply your makeup so that transforms you into blast from the 60s or 70s past with a modern twist.
For an easy start, think of applying all the colours of the rainbow onto your eyelids and making sure that the edges of where one colour meets the next are blended. For example, start with a red eye shadow at your inner eye corner, right next to it, moving towards your mid-lid, apply yellow and blend very carefully so that there is are clear red, orange and yellow gradients. Then put green right in the middle, with blue towards the outer end of the mid-lid and finish with a big violet wingtip. Choose your favourite colour and line your lower lid with it. Add some metallic shimmer and you're good to go!
Now that you're warming up to the idea of colour, you're ready for the next 2020 Spring / Summer trend: neon.

If you want to stay super-trendy, go neon. Neon colours are ultra-pigmented and come in all the colours of the rainbow. We love bright coral, turquoise , green and yellow.
If you only want a pop of colour within a more traditional look, you can line your eyes with neon as you would a normal eyeliner. For the more adventurous, we particularly like neon corners at the edges of your eyes. You can use graphic shapes and funky, bright colours.
Now we are getting to our second beauty trend of the Spring / Summer 2020 season, strong, black liners. You can take any of the tips in trend 2 and just substitute a neon liner for black liner and voila you will be the ultimate globetrotting trendsetter.

The Eyes Have it: go Heavy on Strong Lines & Smoky Shades

We love love love square liner wings. If you're using neon, make sure to line your eyes with matte eyeliner pencil base so that the colour really pops. If you include your lower lid and line it with liquid liner your look will pop like never before. Make sure to go skinny below your eyes and super-thick above your eyes, particularly as you go towards your outer lids and then finish with a thin line. Regardless of whether you go classic black or contemporary neon colour, you want a clean, graphic line.
Cat eyes are so sexy and have been associated with so many global beauty icons, that they're a practically timeless look that is, somehow, always on-trend.  This season is no exception. Work with different shades and textures of black, like a metallic black, a matte black and a black liner, to create depth. Draw the top line just above the eye's outer crease and use the bottom line to extend the natural curve of the lid outwards.
You can combine your cat eyes and square liner wings with the shimmering smoky eye trend and have a look that will kill. Use metallic shadows and gunmetal colours on your lids and don't forget to use a good brow pencil to define your brows.

For the more experienced makeup artists out there, here is a smoky eye trick of the trade to try out.

1. Take a soft metallic shadow and apply in a u-shape that goes from the top of your inner eye to the bottom, just below your eye.

2. Take a different shade of gunmetal shadow and repeat the process around the outer corners of your eye.

3. Take an eye shadow brush (the denser the better) and very carefully take a black eye shadow and lightly darken your crease. Blend thoroughly.

4. Take a liner brush with a strong angle and draw black gel eyeliner above your eyes. Blend at the edges.

5. Apply a thick, generous coat of black mascara.
With these tips for strong sexy eyes and bright vibrant colours you simply can't go wrong. March is a great month to play around and perfect your looks so that you hit Spring and Summer ready to make your splash and celebrate love. 

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