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Travel Emily Ratajkowski Style

As well as being a top model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski is a passionate traveller. We collected some of her top tips to help you make your next destination into a Top Class one.

Emily Ratajkowski (EmRata) is a Top Model who breaks the mould on many levels. She is well known for her insights, her uniquely relaxed style, and her love for travelling. Unlike other celebrities who dislike having to travel across the world on a weekly basis, EmRata finds it an absolute pleasure. And it shows! Forget about the supermodel stereotype of someone who has only ever seen the airport’s VIP Lounges, and Five Star hotels in any city they visited. She loves to get ‘off the beaten track’ and wander the streets and local markets, discovering new experiences as she goes. In the last few months of 2018, she visited Italy, the United States, France, Morocco, Colombia, and Mexico, where she spent New Year at the beach.

Inspired by her cool and open-minded spirit, we have put together a collection of her top travel tips for your next holiday.

1. Pack the night before

“If I'm going to the airport, I'll have packed the night before, so I just grab my suitcase, get in my car, and go.”, said Emily in a recent Harper’s Bazaar interview. Due to work commitments, she tends to spend more time on airplanes than at her loft in Downtown Los Angeles. So, stressing out at the last minute is never an option.

2. Dress comfortably


Ciudad de México, no estábamos listos para dejarte. Gracias por todo! ??

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Emily always prioritizes dressing comfortably, both when travelling and in her everyday life. You can see her on Instagram wearing hoodies, college jackets and relaxed footwear when travelling. It is always easier to deal with flight delays wearing loose trousers or jogging bottoms than in tight jeans. 


3. Accessorize



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Emily’s knack for choosing the right accessories to showcase her perfect physique is definitely one of her fortés. Jewellery is an ever-present, be it a slim and sleek gold chain, or bold pendants, like the one she wore this summer on the Amalfi Coast. There was also room for gold hoops, bracelets and chains.

4. Follow the locals


Always about the leg pop ?

Una publicación compartida por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Parties such as the Met Gala, or Parisian catwalks are Em’s ‘home turf’ but so is the ‘street’. Casually dressed and wearing the bare minimum amount of accessories, Em always likes to get to know the places she is visiting. Just staying at the hotel, or going on tourist excursions is not her style. Nor does she hide her face behind hats and sunglasses on holidays, like many other celebs tend to do. That is why you can always find pictures of her on social media, eating quesadillas in Mexican markets or looking for pottery in Morocco’s colourful souks. Her travels are no secret and she loves sharing them in her social media networks.

5. Discover and enjoy the local gastronomy


When in Italy ??

Una publicación compartida por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Unlike other supermodels, Emily has no dietary restrictions. She loves to eat, and no travel adventure is complete without a good meal full of local delicacies. She recently confessed in an interview with Elle Magazine that she is “definitely a carnivore”, but equally adores deserts and cakes. When she is in her hometown of LA, Em has a Kouign-amann (caramelised buttery, sugary parcels) for breakfast every day.

6. Take loads of pictures


Heaven on earth ?

Una publicación compartida por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Like any proper Instagrammer, EmRata has her phone camera on at all times, always ready to take a photo worthy of thousands of Likes. She has captured the silent roads of Cartagena, Colombia, and the quiet times at Marrakech’s souks in Morocco, through her iPhone lens. She could become a photographer if she ever decided to stop modelling. In any case, you can guarantee she will never lose her passion for travelling.

Foto credit: / Shutterstock.com
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