The new season is here, and with it, changes in temperature. Say goodbye to the heat, the cold temperatures are already present in half the planet. Now it is the time to change your skincare routine. It is not just about putting away your summer clothes and getting out coats, jumpers, and scarves. It is also about anticipating the coldest days, the dryer conditions, and fewer hours of sunshine. This is the time to change our beauty regimes.
Visit our duty free stores before the cold weather strikes, and take this list of products with you.

1) Teach your skin

Clé de Peau Beauté Key Radiance Emulsion Set 435ml. Can you teach your skin? Clé de Peu believes that you can. The Beauté Key Radiance line utilises a new technology called Skin Intelligence, that helps improve your skin’s ability to better identify stressful factors such as UV Rays, as well as mental stress.

This technology was specially developed to enhance the skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend itself from both external and internal harmful factors. Achieve skin that learns to adapt to any conditions.

Key Radiance

2) Help your skin to defend itself

SUPERSTART Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask. If you have had a hard day, the night should be the perfect time to relax and revitalise. This cooling mask leaves skin looking smooth, luminous, and more youthful.

The biocellulose material, derived from natural coconut water, fits snugly to the contours of your face. The probiotics then help to restore the natural balance of your skin, strengthening its ability to repair, and optimising its natural defences. Start over with stronger defences for your skin.


3) Don’t forget to look after your hair

Moroccanoil TST Moil Hydrating Shampoo 250ml. Changes in temperature do not just affect the skin. Hair can also become dryer, and suffer in adverse conditions. Even if we wear trendy headwear, our hair will be exposed to the cold winter elements. This is why hair needs to be well hydrated. The Moroccanoil® line utilises Argan oil, a secret seed from the Moroccan desert.

The properties of Argan oil are utilised by most beauty companies due to their excellent results. This hydrating Shampoo is rich in Vitamins A and E, and in red algae, which together help combat free radicals, lock in moisture, and reduce the effects of hair ageing.

Morrocanol shampoo

4) Fight dryness

TST Nuxe Honey Body Oil Balm 200ml. As well as freezing us to our bones, the cold temperature also makes the climate dryer. You can certainly feel it in your hands if you spend time walking outside without gloves. So it is vital to be able to keep your skin well hydrated.

This body oil balm is made with honey and sunflower oil, which helps stimulate the skin lipids, and deeply nourishes, as well as soothing tightness and discomfort at the same time. It also helps to repair and regenerate skin barriers. The other good news is that it can be used for children aged 3 and above. Perfect for looking after the whole family!

Nuxe oil

5) Relax! You deserve it

Clarins Relax Body Trtm Oil 100ml. This can be a difficult time of the year, and we all need to relax a little. What would happen if we could take a pocket-sized Spa with us everywhere we go? This relaxing body treatment oil contains a mix of plant extracts that help relieve stress and fatigue. Geranium, Petit Grain, Camomile and Basil combine to achieve a total feeling of wellbeing.

Apply it on slightly wet skin, massaging your whole body. Alternatively, you may apply on specifically tense areas. This product is also very useful to help soothe tired muscles after exercise. Because of course, the cold weather is not an excuse to stop exercising! All of the above, together with some of the best beauty treatment products are now available at Duty Free stores around the world.

Clarins Relax

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