With a little planning you can make the most of your time at the airport and get your trip off to a great start. Here are our top 10 tips for around the airport.

1. Your journey begins at home

You’ve packed, unpacked, and repacked. You’ve checked your passport, money and boarding pass (seven times). But have you done your homework on your airport and airline’s most up to date rules? Knowing exactly what you can take on board prevents headaches at security, and those tuts from the queue behind you.

2. Take a car park selfie

Driving to the airport? The very last thing you want to do on your return is spend extra time searching for where you parked the car. So simply take a photo of the location information board - and scroll back through all those holiday snaps when you land.

3. Jokers to the right

There’s no doubt queuing is one of the biggest bugbears at the airport. But don’t just join any old queue. Right-handed people (i.e. most of us) choose the queue to the right - so be smart and go left. Take a look who’s in the queue first though. If you see a line of business travellers you’re in luck, as they tend to travel often so move quickly.

4. Pamper your make-up bag at the airport

Packing light isn’t only for your suitcase, it’s good advice for your toiletries and make-up bag too. And it means there’s plenty of room to treat yourself to designer make-up, fragrance and toiletries in the duty-free shop. (Just leave plenty of time, as you’ll find great ideas and exclusives from all your favourite brands to explore.) Extra tip: make sure you use RED by Dufry app to benefit from in-store discounts and other amazing rewards. 

5. Bags and bags of uses

Seasoned travellers love ziplock bags. You can put in items to go through security, keep your headphones handy (and spillage-proof), contain all the travel sweets from the bag that split as soon as you opened it… We could go on. And on. So, think how many bags you might need, then double it.

6. Put yourself in charge

From phones to music players, tablets to laptops, you're likely to be travelling with at least one essential device. So don't risk delays killing your battery life. Pack a portable charger, or even one of those multi-socket adaptors to make more of the single plug everyone’s found. (It’s a sure way to make friends at the airport.)

7. Don't be caught snoozing

Set yourself an alarm to go off just before it's time to board. Whether you're having a wander round the shops, got your head in a book or freshening up, it's all too easy to miss your flight announcement. You'll also have time to double check for any last minute gate changes or departure info.

8. Stay hydrated with more than water

A bottle of water is an airport essential. But you'll find on the flight that your skin and eyes can feel dry too. If you usually wear contact lenses, you might want to switch to your glasses on board. And a small bottle of your favourite moisturizing lotion will keep your skin feeling fresh.

9. Fall in love with layers

As everyone knows, you can't control the weather - or the temperature on aeroplanes. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes the air-conditioning is set to Arctic. Hoodies, an extra jumper and snug socks are useful. A scarf or sarong also makes a marvellous multi-use item. Get wrapped up in it or use it as a cover to sit down on. If it’s light, it'll quickly wash and dry too.

10. Try another kind of exchange rate

If you've local currency left over on your way home, use it up at the airport duty free shop. Whether you spend it on everyday items or treat yourself, you'll have more to show for it than some lonely foreign coins that you can never exchange.


Happy travelling!