Whether before or after travelling, it is always important to totally relax in the protective cocoon that is your home. Akin to the Scandinavian-born Hygge movement, the idea is to take advantage of the time we spend at home, and create there an environment that nurtures simple and cosy, everyday comforting moments. Before you leave the airport to return home, check out this collection that will make the ‘down time’ between arrival and the next departure truly hygge - a soothing balm for the challenges of everyday life.

A warming cup of tea

When we are travelling to different climatic zones, from the cold to the heat (or viceversa), a good cup of tea is always comforting, and helps make us feel at home. The tea making ritual encourages us to pause during the process of preparing a pot of loose leaf tea, and then taking the time to sit down and savour it. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, and think calmly about what is to come. A time to recharge.


Lighting and Aroma

Candles are not only a classic decorative element in any home. They also always add a relaxing touch to the ambience of any room. Lighting a scented candle in the bathroom, or in a cosy reading corner, instantly immerses the space in a delicate light and aroma, that helps generate the perfect setting for peaceful moments, as well as heightening the enjoyment of any other activity.


A comforting touch

Looking after our bodies, (including even the smallest of self care routines that may take just a few minutes a day), always presents us with the main resources we need to help reconnect with ourselves. We love Jo Malone London’s exfoliating body scrub. The prestigious brand offers us the easiest way to feel completely renewed.

Jo Maslone

A drink after a long, long day

Who would not feel relaxed when opening a good bottle of wine, or preparing their favourite cocktail, at home after a challenging day at work? As luck would have it, the Italian aperitif Aperol is back in fashion. Easy to mix with any drinks you may have available at home, just add ice cubes, and hey presto! You will taste the magical flavours of an Italian sunset. Aperol is ideal for those moments when you are ready to curl up on the sofa, forget your obligations for a moment, and just talk with your loved ones.


Sweet treats at bedtime

Reading before going to sleep is a good habit. It can also help to minimise screen time. The precious  time when everyone else is asleep, can be enhanced by a sweet treat like these Butlers Irish whiskey chocolate truffles, available in both dark and milk chocolate. You can make these solitary moments into one of the day’s highlights.

Chocolate truffles

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash