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Try the best Greek Recipes at Hellenic Duty Free Stores

Greece’s star products are now available!

Greece is a great tourist attraction. Millions of visitors come to Greece all year round, to explore the country’s beauty, archaeological monuments, and of course, the beaches and islands. Visitors who fall in love with Greece, also fall in love with Greek produce.
Here is a list of some of our favourite Greek products, which are now available and get them with a discount when purchasing with VISA.
Olive Oil

Greece is the third biggest olive oil producer in the world. Naturally, they are extremely proud of their extra virgin quality oil, and the olives used to produce it. The best olives come from Crete and the Peloponnese Region. Greek olive oil is a staple ingredient of Greek Cuisine, as well as the base for all the traditional recipes. Olive oil is a signature ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.


Greek honey is a premium product renowned worldwide for the high quality, nutritional benefits, and beauty properties it contains. In Greece, there are two main varieties of honey, namely flower and honeydew. Despite their differences, they both combine beautifully with typical Greek cuisine.

Chios Mastiha

Mastiha is exclusively produced on the Aegean island of Chios. The harvest is carried out in a traditional way, in the 24 villages known as Mastihohoria (Mastiha villages) on Chios. These villages have now been declared as ‘traditional’ or ‘listed’ settlements by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Mastiha possesses a unique aroma and can be consumed both as a food and as cosmetic and pharmaceutical product. Indeed, it is ideal for treating stomach upsets, and skin conditions.

Greek Wine

Greece is one of the world’s oldest (and first) wine-producing regions. Nowadays, Greek wine celebrates the intersection of a wine industry thousands of years old, and with a contemporary production. You can find some of the best wine varieties, such as Assyrtiko, Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko, Malagouzia, Xinomavro, Savatiano, and Vinsanto in our duty free stores.

Ouzo is a world famous Greek beverage. It should be served in a high glass, with or without ice. Ouzo is normally enjoyed with mezedes (a selection of small Greek dishes served as a snack).

Other delights

You will find other Greek products in our new exclusive goods range. For example, the Greek equivalent of caviar (avgotaraho or botargo) from the Messolonghi region. You will also find hand-picked saffron from the Kozani region on offer.

If you wish to savour authentic Greek flavours, stop by Hellenic Duty Free Shops. If you pay with a VISA card, you will even get a 15% discount.

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