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Unchain your spirit with Scandal By Night

A new scent to set your spirit soaring, from duty free to Parisian parties

Jean Paul Gaultier have taken a dive into the surreal, and are inviting you to join them. Scandal was free spirited, but with their new scent Scandal By Night, they promise that your spirit will be completely unchained.

To introduce the dazzling new fragrance to people, Jean Paul Gaultier created the dizzying Madame La Ministre, and re-imagined the original scandal for the woman who’s all business by day – but by night is only interested in having fun, on or above the neon lit streets of Pigalle with the Jean Paul Gaultier gang.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by night fragrance
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by night fragrance

If you could capture the electrifying spirit of Paris by night in the bottle, then this is it. The scent and colour of temptation, it promises to transport you to wherever the party is – wherever you happen to be in the world.

This latest fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier boasts notes of Patchouli, combined with white petals and honey. It’s gourmand, sumptuous and above all else scandalous. So, get the newest scandal now at duty free, and be sure to give Madame La Ministre a kiss hello when you see her dancing at 5am.

Jean Paul Gaultier presents a Parisian femininity loosened up by the spirit of Pigalle.

Scandal by Night

Scandal with a capital S. Scandal by Night is the friend of the night. The one you meet in the Paris of Jean Paul Gaultier. Madam Minister has made this heady trail her evening companion, and both she and her fragrance still have many surprises in store.

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