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Under the Caribbean sun: the new Premium Bacardí Anejo Cuatro

This new, four-year-old golden rum introduces you to more sophisticated sensations

Bacardí has taken founder Don Facundo's original 19th century recipe and created Bacardí Anejo Cuatro, a premium rum for a new generation of people who have become more adventurous and aware of what they drink. A delicious mix of honey, vanilla and oak spices, it is light and buttery, and every golden drop is barrel-aged for four years (Añejo Cuatro is Spanish for 4-year maturation) under the Caribbean sun.

Interestingly, four years is a really long time in rum years. Rum tends to age faster than whiskies from the north where it is cooler. 

The faster maturation makes it possible for Bacardí rums to offer the same level of depth and character as a whiskey that ages two or even three times as long.

However, all that time undisturbed in southern climates does not mean that Bacardí Cuatro must be destined for tropical drinks. Created by Maestros de Ron (Master Blenders), it’s a more sophisticated and complex rum, with a smooth palate you can use in a variety of ‘elevated’ as well as fruity cocktails. It’s a perfect introduction to the exciting world of premium rum.

Cocktail: The Cuatro Highball

You don’t have to catch a flight all the way to the Caribbean to drink Bacardí Anejo Cuatro either; you can sit back, relax and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home with this delicious cocktail. Bacardí like to call this drink paradise in a glass and we have to agree.


You need:

50ml Bacardí Anejo Cuatro

100ml club soda

A dash of Angostora bitters (optional)


Slice of lime



1. Add a handful of ice to a chilled highball glass

2. Pour over 50ml of Bacardí Anejo Cuatro

3. Top up the drink with 100ml of club soda.

4. Give everything a stir with a long spoon and garnish with a slice of lime

Bacardí Anejo Cuatro

Trade up to premium Bacardí Anejo Cuatro, barrel aged for four years in tropical climates for a new level of pleasure.

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