Human gods. Myths and titans. Megalomania and tragedy. No wonder the Greek myths are so compelling. These stories were captivating at the time of the Greek philosophers, and still remain so thousands of years later. Paco Rabanne scored victories with the launch of Invictus in 2013, followed by Olympéa in 2015. This new fragrance line was inspired by the aesthetics and heroes of Greek mythology: athletic supermen and superwomen. Heroes who can be vain, temperamental, passionate, fragile, and human. This is an addictive non-stop journey to classical Athens, and back.

Following the success of the first launches, la Maison Rabanne presents two new editions: Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend that promise to reach new levels!

Olympéa Legend returns with an intoxicating floral bouquet, that is lighter than the previous edition, as commented by different reviewers, and specialist noses.

Olympéa Legend moves between freshness and sensuality. This fragrance features ginger flower and salted vanilla notes, two of Paco Rabanne’s signature scents. The result is an Oriental scent bursting with a floral quality that is both warmer and more luminous, echoing the desert. The use of floral notes in this new edition makes it a winning combination. Critics have highlighted the plum, and salt and vanilla heart, featuring purple peach facets. The juicy plum includes salt crystals that amplify the seductive vanilla power.

This reinterpretation of the goddess showcases a stronger feminine character. The bold statement bottle, similar to the original, now features red and gold hues which reinforce its characteristic intensity.

Invictus Legend preserves some of the main features that made its predecesor a great success. Virility and tension create a fresh allure that is undoubtedly Paco Rabanne’s signature style. The new Invictus Legend is evocative of a fragrant forest, full of competing guaiac wood and ambergris notes. Last but not least is the presence of the competitive spirit forged in its DNA. The hot sand reminiscent of gladiators, the heat and the intensity. This scent is pure refreshing adrenaline!

Amongst the main notes, you will find metallic geranium, laurel leaf, and grapefruit zest. A truly aromatic freshness that contrasts with the smouldering spiciness. Its predecessors Invictus and Invictus Intense offered a feeling of coolness, whilst Invictus Legend is all about the heat. A sweltering breeze that is eternal and legendary. The perfume bottle has been reworked for the new edition. This time it resembles a trophy
crafted in lacquered glass with a metal top, containing all the blue hues of the night sky.

Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend are two powerful fragrances, both young and athletic,  and specifically created for moments of triumph and glory. Become a legend.

Legend is one of the most significant new fragrance products launched in 2019. Both presentations, plus all of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Line, are now available in duty free stores in airports around the world.


A fresh-oriental, powerfully discreet. The most sensual fragrance for her by Paco Rabanne.

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