Since its launch in 2001, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue has become one of those classic summery scents that comes out to play during lazy stay-cations and trips to exotic holiday destinations alike. Inspired by Sicilian summertime, it is crisp and fresh with notes of lime and cedar.

Now, Dolce & Gabbana gives a twist of lemon to its cult scent with a new summer Limited Edition: Light Blue Italian Zest. The fragrance is inspired by the Italian scorza di limone – lemon zest. Brightened with lavish essences of Italian best quality citruses, it is designed to celebrate Mediterranean femininity and the joyfulness of a sunny summer day on a boat in Capri.

To achieve this fruitier, juicier version of Light Blue, known for signature notes of Sicilian cedar and Granny Smith apple, Limoni primofiore must be extracted from the tree’s first bloom. Both the zest and pulp are sensitive to the heat and need to be squeezed according to an ancestral cold pressing technique called “sfumatrice”, producing a true-to-nature essence with gourmand (edible smelling) facets. The glowing white rose and tender jasmine petals also shine through. And a trail of amber notes, cedar and musk give a warm touch to this zingy fresh fragrance.

However, why should girls have all the fun? The Italian Zest Limited Edition also offers up a scent for him, Light Blue pour Homme. Its unique citrus and bergamot of Calabria scent is an explosion of masculine freshness. Additional notes include tangerine, grapefruit, pepper, juniper, rosemary, rosewood, incense and musk.

To highlight the Light Blue Italian Zest signature scents, Dolce & Gabbana has decided to have a little fun and created The Light Blue Game. The online challenge asks you to see how many fruits you can chop up and then sends you a homemade lemonade recipe, with ingredients inspired by the fragrance. So you can enjoy a bit of fizzy citrus, inside and out.

D&G Light Blue Zest

D&G Light Blue Zest is a new limited edition eau de toilette that unveils Mediterranean femininity with a twist of Italian zest.

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