“This whiskey is so smooth that I would drink it even if my name was not on the label”, said John Jameson, creator of the global bestseller Irish whiskey, about the triple distilled product that made him famous. The brand has just announced a change in the design of Jameson Black Barrel bottles, paying tribute to their heritage.

Patrimony and Personality

Irish winters can be harsh. During the first years of whiskey production, unused barrels would be left outside exposed to the elements in the distillery’s yard. Once they were about to be filled, the workers would char the wood as part of an age-old method of invigorating and intensifying the flavour. Jameson Black Barrel is a tribute to coopers, who painstakingly give their bourbon barrels an additional charring to reveal their untold richness and complexity. For this new edition, the barrels are charred twice, not because of necessity, but due to the richness of flavour and complexity created through this method.

Strong Heritage

The bottle’s new design showcases the quality of this product. The cone-shaped neck of the bottle allows a view of the cork and is complemented by a seal that tears lightly when opened for the first time. The black label is, of course, a nod to the additionally charred barrels, which lend their name to this drink. The new design is now utilised for the whole range of Jameson premium whiskeys, including Jameson Crested.


Touched by fire

Each barrel is full of secrets. A good cooper can coax them out through experience. Both the charring process and the time spent maturing in barrels, lend this whiskey intense and creamy butterscotch notes. The flavour combines a nutty character, complemented by spice and vanilla. The finish is rich with the intensity of toasted wood. Spicy and complex, this new blend seeks to inspire Irish Whiskey lovers to find out more about Jameson, their heritage, and their artisanal production methods.

When content matters

Fans can rest assured that Jameson Black Barrel remains the same high quality, made by blending rich pot still whiskey, with the finest grain Irish whiskey (distilled only once a year). Both blends are distilled 3 times for smoothness. The whiskey is then matured in a combination of different barrels, including sherry, American Oak, and extra charred bourbon.

The perfect serving? Straight, or on the rocks, or mixed in popular cocktails, like Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour.


Jameson Black Barrel

Distilled three times, charred twice, only to obtain a rich, smooth flavor.

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