Some sweet treats mean more to us than others, some - such as KitKat - occupy a place in our childhood memories and even warrant a special eating ritual (the correct way to eat a KitKat is to bite the ends off and nibble the chocolate away until you’re left with nothing but the wafer which you devour in three easy bites FYI). So, if you grew up with KitKats, if you’re familiar with the milk chocolate flavour, the snap of the crisp wafer, then get ready to do a double-take.  Just like that tired and overused scene in many teen/rom-com movies when the girl next door shows up out of the blue some 10 years later having transformed in that time from a quiet caterpillar into a unrecognisable and beautiful butterfly, so too has the KitKat gone through a similar metamorphosis. KitKat Senses is the all new sophisticated version of the crispy chocolate wafer and they’re delicious!

A true luxury, KitKat Senses is now available in three gourmet flavours--Hazelnut Delight (filled with praline and crunchy pieces of nut), Coconut Bliss (which takes you to the beach and back in a couple of bites) and Chocolate Passion (filled with a layer of rich chocolate ganache and crunchy cocoa nibs). That’s not to say that kids won’t love them too. What’s not to love about creamy milk chocolate, 5-finger crispy wafers and indulgent fillings?

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Even star chefs have got their eyes on KitKat Senses. MasterChef UK contestants Billy Wright and Jack Layer (of Billy and Jack) have created a three-course dinner menu taking inspiration from the KitKat Senses flavours. The dinner commences with a salad dressed in a chocolate balsamic sauce and crunchy cocoa nibs, and it only gets better - and tastier - from there.

But you don’t have to create a luxury meal to enjoy KitKat Senses. The 246g package is convenient for travel and contains a mix of all three flavours of these individually-wrapped, bite-sized chocolates.

NESTLÉ KitKat Senses

Let yourself be seduced by KitKat Senses, the indulgent 5 finger wafer bars, covered in milk chocolate and easy to carry on.

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