When you’re boarding a plane and heading off on vacation, when you’re set to discover new places, new cultures and new food, it’s important to feel bold and empowered, and it’s vital that you feel like your best self. After all, meeting new and interesting people requires putting your best foot ‒ or in this case, best-scented self ‒ forward. This is the time you want to be yourself but in excess! Living life to excess, especially on vacation, means feeling positively audacious and at your most sensuous - this is when you don’t want any inhibitions to hold you back.

Enter Paco Rabanne Pure XS for Her. Pure XS is the scent you wear when you want to feel bold, assertive and like your true excessive self. Paco Rabanne Pure XS marks a return to fantasy and desire; its  seductive scent hints of provocation and pushes against boundaries. 

Pure XS harks back to 1966 when Paco Rabanne (born Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo) tore up the fashion rule book and rebelled against the ‘norm’ with a Haute Couture collection of “unwearable dresses made of contemporary materials”. Instead of the strict gowns of the time, Rabanne launched his show with an excess of sequins, aluminium and rhodoid. It was unlike anything the fashion set had previously seem. This scent channels that same excessively rebellious nature. It’s a scent that makes a unashamed statement of excess ‒ and it’s waiting to be discovered in duty free. 

Live life to XS

We’re likely all familiar with the way the right perfume can instantly change how we’re feeling. Perhaps something fresh and floral lifts your spirits? Or maybe a scent drenched in crisp and green notes feels like a shot of adrenalin that energises you and inspires you to seek out an adventure? Paco Rabanne Pure XS for Her is the scent you should turn to when you need to feel bolder and more confident, when you want to be noticed and, importantly, when you want to be heard. This is the fragrance you should call on when you want to set your spirit free and break a few rules in the process. 

Its unusual combination of ylang-ylang, vanilla and popcorn (yes, popcorn!) is heady and demanding. You have likely never smelt a perfume like this before. Its intense and slightly sweet warm notes become even more intoxicating the longer they are left to linger on your skin. Your body warmth almost becomes an additional ‒ but vital ‒ note in itself.  

The making of Paco Rabanne Pure XS for Her

The perfumer tasked with bringing this explosive scent to life was Quentin Bisch, who has worked on some of the most memorable and collectable perfumes of recent years. His inspiration for Pure XS for Her materialised on a trip to the volcanic island of Réunion; a small French island in the Indian Ocean. He returned to his home in Paris completely enthralled by the intoxicating ylang-ylang he encountered there, and became obsessed with using it to create a scent that embodied a passionate moment of release. Bisch wove ylang-ylang with spicy vanilla, a note of popcorn, and sandalwood and ambrette seeds. The result is Paco Rabanne Pure XS for Her.


The new female fragrance from Paco Rabanne. A wild provocative floral oriental, with the electrifying Emily Ratajkowski. Having it all. In excess.

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