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Why shopping at duty free is more exciting than ever

Start your travel shopping before check in. The best brands available at duty free stores are now closer than ever thanks to the following tips.

Irrelevant of the time of year in which you are reading this, we are sure that you wish you were on holidays right now. Playing with your passport whilst thinking about what paperwork you need to present at Customs. Feeling the plane taxing down the runway, and the sensation of taking off. Planning excursions, thinking about the local food to be enjoyed, and more importantly, how will the stuff you bought fit in the suitcase? Without having to pay excess charges, of course. To find yourself surrounded by hundreds of perfumes at the duty free store is certainly a part of the airport experience.

Even though the pre-boarding time can feel hurried, there are a number of ways to improve your duty free shopping. Nowadays, it is more than just walking into the duty free store. It involves participating in the experience, both before and after flying. Dufry is always innovating the services and offers so that passengers have a unique retail experience, considering the time spent at the airport. The kind of environment that also allows you to take a moment to delight yourself with the best brands on the planet, all in the same space.

RED by Dufry is the only card you need

If you are a frequent traveller who enjoys earning air miles at every opportunity on your trip, why are you not a member of RED by Dufry yet? RED by Dufryis the leading duty free loyalty programme. You can earn points in almost every one of our stores, and use these to benefit from in-store discounts, flights, and other great rewards, including access to VIP lounges in the main airports around the world. Registering for RED by Dufry is easy. All you need to do is open an account, enter your details and hey presto! You are now a member.

Plastic Card? Not needed. All you have to do is download the RED App, and show your QR code the sales point. You can personalise the app to receive an alert message in case of changes to flight times, delays, and boarding door number. There's also an offline playlist to take on board and direct access here to Forum magazine.

RED by Dufry is designed to help you enjoy your flight experience before and after the airport. It offers discounts for tourist excursions, hotels, restaurants, and car rental in most cities in the world. Of course, you can also buy any product from your phone and then collect at the airport.

RED by Dufry

Reserve & Collect. We carry your bags

Are you looking for a special edition of your favourite perfume? Or that particular whisky that is no longer available from your local store? You can confirm your purchase through the app, and collect at the time of travelling, thanks to our Reserve & Collect service. Just indicate the airport you are travelling from to start browsing our catalogue of available products and then reserve the ones you need. Once you have entered the date and time of your flight, the system will generate a reservation code, and your purchases will be put aside for you. No need for advance payment. You can pay at the time of collection. This is the easiest and fastest way to buy.

Have you found the goodies you want to purchase before your holidays? Don’t worry. You can now use our locker system to leave your purchases behind for you to collect on return. Simply indicate the time and date of your inbound flight. It is really that simple.

Reserve & Collect


The best brands. The best sale assistants.

Duty Free runs 2.300 stores around the world, where more than 50.000 exclusive designer products are sold. It is impossible to find a higher concentration of luxury products together in the same location. This setting attracts demanding customers, and therefore requires specialised sales assistants. All 30.000 Duty Free store employees are constantly trained and updated to be at the forefront of new trends in every department. This means that they are able to better assist passengers with their purchases.

Additionally, each store works in local partners to offer all passengers the most exclusive, high-quality local products. From the iconic alfajores made in Argentina to Spanish Iberico Ham. Every country has unique quality products, and we will help you discover them. Shall we fly away? Get started on our website, and finish wherever you want to go.

shopping at duty free

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