Selected Duty Free experiences

The world-class experience has landed in Rhodes International Airport

A whole renewed experience for all travellers in Greece

Jet-setters travelling to Greece have three new stores to enjoy in Rhodes Diagoras International Airport. 

The Walkthrough Self Service offers you branded fragrances and cosmetics as well as a wide range of spirits, confectionery, Greek traditional products, and much more.

Here is our special tip to you: in the central area of the store you will find the Hellenic Gourmet, your last chance for that amazing taste of Greece that you will miss so much once departed. Here you will discover traditional dairy food and spirits from Rhodes and the rest of the country.

The Last Minute concept is also available for those of you in a rush because you were seizing the moment to its fullest before dashing to the airport in a frenzy. The offering here is a smaller collection of the best selling products.