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Yara Shahidi: a voice well-worth to be listening to

The actress redefines beauty concepts in Bobbi Brown’s stunning new campaign.

Yara Shahidi is simply brilliant. We are not just talking about her incredible talent as an actress, as evidenced in the Black-ish TV series, and the more recent spin-off, Grown-ish. She is also a bright student. Only 19, Yara has been accepted by every American university she has applied to, including Harvard, the Boston based university where she studies part-time, whilst continuing her acting career.



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With both African-American and Iranian heritage, Shahidi has become one of the most important voices of her generation, followed by millions of young people. This is the reason she was chosen by Bobbi Brown to be the face of a new line of Weightless Foundation. Available in a series of shades for different skin colours, these were not previously found in the beauty product market. Shahidi has always been outspoken on issues around inclusion, representation, and visibility of ethnicities traditionally underrepresented in the media and publicity worlds.

“It was for my high school homecoming dance when mom took me to get my makeup done professionally for the first time and I discovered Bobbi Brown. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I didn’t have to blend two shades together to make one, I didn’t have to keep searching for another brand, I found my perfect shade at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter. Even before brands like Fenty Beauty changed the makeup game with an extensive foundation shade range, Bobbi Brown was championing inclusivity with their range of shades, especially for darker skin tones”, revealed Shahidi in Teen Vogue Magazine.


Bobbi Brown added 10 skin tones to her catalogue, achieving a total of 42 different Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation hues. Pigments are precisely balanced to skin's top tones and undertones, delivering the most natural-looking shade range for all skin tones.

Launched by Tyler Mitchell, this campaign focuses on the concept of true beauty and what it means to different people. The campaign is fronted by Shahidi, and the actresses Elizabeth Olsen and Ni Ni.

“Being Black and Iranian, my definition of beauty was well defined by the people I saw every day"...

"...That is why I never expressed myself in terms of what our characteristics were, or how we should look in theory. It is neither the examples I was given nor what I wanted to internalise. It was not until I went out into the world more frequently, and worked in this industry. I believe we are now more conscious about it, and we realise that there is a big exclusion”, she added.

Thanks to her activism and clarity in defending her points of view, Shahidi is making her voice heard. She has met with Hillary Clinton and the iconic feminist Angela Davis. Shahidi even got Michelle Obama to write a letter of recommendation for her university application! This is why she feels comfortable with her ally Bobbi Brown as if the campaign was part of her political views. Yara Shahidi continues to demonstrate that her voice is well worth listening to.


Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation Line, as well as lipsticks and eyeshadows, are now available at any duty free store in airports around the world.

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