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Zoë Kravitz. One of a kind, both creative and alluring

The actress is the ambassadress for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, bringing her natural self-confidence to the legendary brand.

Zoë Kravitz, electro-pop star, actress, model and Lenny’s daughter wears her freckles as a rebellious badge. She also demonstrates her audacious elegance and endless charm in her role as a Brand Ambassador for YSL Beauty.

Beautiful and glamorous, Zoë has more than 4.4 million followers on social media, where she shares her captivating and unconventional looks.

Working hand in hand with Tom Pecheux, YSL Global Beauty Director, Zoë expands the brand, taking it to a new millennial audience, who is seduced by her natural and unconstructed style. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux knows the exact point where the firm’s expectations and the model’s personality meet. He drew points along Kravitz’s lower lashes “very roughly like a child would do”, Pecheux explained. The result is stunning. Zoë looks like a ferociously cool queen, creating a look of pure authenticity.



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Zoë’s previous work with YSL had been the Before the Light project. Filmed backstage, she participated in beauty tutorials before performing with her band Lolawolf. In terms of beauty products, her first campaign was for Tatouage Couture, a high pigmentation matte colour lipstick. Soon after, YSL chose her as the face of the iconic Black Opium fragrance. “It’s nice to find a brand that wants to elevate you as opposed to change you to try to fit what they’re trying to sell.”, she said.

"YSL Beauty has always been one of my favourite brands. Their ability to combine the chicest of styles with a raw edge has always been to me one of the best ways to express yourself through fashion and beauty. Nothing is forced, nothing is fake but everything is bold, strong and unafraid. I'm very excited to work with this legendary and timeless company," Zoë shares in a statement released by the French company.

In her videos, Zoë shows how to apply eyeliner to create a dramatic look with feline hints.“I can be quite upfront at times”, she admits. Zoe is happy to wear hot pink or black eyeshadow, and names her mother (actress Lisa Bonet), and her grandmother as her role models. “Both my grandmothers and my mother planted the seeds for me of what it meant to be female”.

She believes that aesthetics are changing, and what used to be seen as an imperfection, is often seen as beautiful now. Zoe feels that it is boring to see the same faces and styles in the fashion and beauty industries, and celebrates this change.

Zoe has starred in films such as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and the Big Little Lies TV series. She dreams of writing her own screenplays, and of producing and directing. Zoe wants to fully involve herself in the creative process, working behind the camera, learning and creating opportunities for other women not as fortunate as her. More importantly, she is happy to be a free spirit, and although this may not always be achievable, to at least inspire others.

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