Princess Bella

Meet Bella, the latest chapter in Nina Ricci’s Les Belles de Nina fragrance fairy tale

This summer sees the release of the latest fragrance in Nina Ricci’s Les Belles de Nina series. Bella, a fresh and vibrant floral-fruity scent, follows 2016’s Luna and 2006’s Nina to create a triptych of perfumes Nina Ricci calls ‘the modern princess saga’.

Each of the Les Belles de Nina perfumes has its own distinct personality and style, reflecting the uniqueness of women today. While Nina’s romanticism draws on Calabrian lemon, gardenia and woody white musk, the sensuality of Luna is brought to life by wild berries and caramel. With Bella, however, perfumers Sonia Constant and Louise Turner have developed a sexy and seductive scent that brings a touch of magic to this fragrance fairy tale.

The perfume

Constructed around the subtle, bittersweet note of rhubarb, is highlighted with the zest of mandarin and sweet vanilla, the uniquely feminine scent of Bella gets its sensuality from Turkish rose oil and white musk. Simultaneously impish and seductive, this contemporary fragrance comes in the now familiar, apple-shaped glass bottle, reinvented for Bella in leaf green, with a jewel of a ladybird sculpted into the leaves.

The muse

Just as striking are the models the brand has conscripted to embody these scents. Starring as Bella is Barbara Palvin – a Hungarian model with a wide-eyed beauty, she has an ardent following of over 8 million on Instagram.

She’s supported in director Eugenio Recuenco’s colourful TV spot by Dutch newcomer Estella Boersma as Nina and the glamorous French-Tunisian actress and musician Sonia Ben Ammar as Luna. Together, these three muses, or Les Belles de Nina, create a modern fairy tale that looks just as fantastical as their names suggest.

“Perfumers Sonia Constant and Louise Turner have developed a sexy and seductive scent that brings a touch of magic to the princess fairy tale”

Les Belles de Nina

Les Belles de Nina

Bella, Nina and Luna form now a trio of ultra-modern princesses, buoyed up by the idea that they are stronger together. 

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