No other liqueur is as internationally loved as Germany’s number one. Behind every green glass bottle, and 56 different herbs blended to create a unique flavour, there are fascinating secrets.

Master of Alchemy

Behind every invention, there is always a fascinating story, and Jägermeister is no exception.

Curt Mast was the creator of Jägermeister in 1934. His father owned a vinegar producing factory, and when the business started to grow, Curt decided to join the enterprise. By this time, he was an expert in herb extracts.

Over time, he began experimenting with herb blends, and soon found the perfect formula for a new liqueur. The mast had given his father’s business a new innovative direction with the help of a drink made of 56 different herbs, flowers, roots and fruit, plus 35% alcohol content.

Curt was also a hunter. This is why he dedicated his creation to friends and fellow hunters. He named it ’Jägermeister’, which means master hunter in German.

Remedy against all evils!

Jägermeister has been sold ever since 1935. Due to the unique character of the natural ingredients used to create this drink, it was initially marketed as an efficient cough remedy, as well as a treatment for digestive problems. Also of interest, due to the high alcohol content, Jägermeister was widely used by German troops in the Second World War, both as an anaesthetic, and a disinfectant.


The Crow and the Cross

The Jägermeister trademark is inspired by the history of Saint Hubertus. Whilst hunting in the forest, Hubertus experienced a vision of a Christian Cross set between the antlers of a majestic stag. This vision transformed him. He immediately stopped hunting and became a passionate defender of wildlife and nature. To this day, Saint Hubertus still remains the Patron Saint of all hunters. A fascinating insight into the history that is an intrinsic part of this great liqueur.

Undiluted Flavour

In the ‘90s Jägermeister mixed with high energy drinks became wildly popular in bars across the United States. To this day, Jägermeister remains loyal to the original recipe. Today it is sold across more than 140 countries and remains the 8th Best Selling premium liqueur in the world. 

On point

To be enjoyed on your own, or when having an important conversation with that special someone, or with friends at any time during the day. Please bear in mind to serve Jägermeister ice cold to help the flavour reveal itself. To be precise, serve it at -18 °C. This advice is not widely known but will help you enjoy the flavour to a 100%.

Be sure to visit duty free stores, get a Jägermeister, and have an unforgettable night. As unforgettable as the history of this liqueur itself.


Blending 56 botanicals, this ice-cold shot has always been embraced by those who take originality to the next level.

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