We live in an era of massive social changes, and Feminism is one of the most significant movements of today. New masculinity is a novel concept born out of changing paradigms. Men have started to question and challenge some pre-established old cliches such as “Men don’t cry’, and ’Men must always be strong, and go out with lots of women’. You could say that the new masculinity consists of removing the old hard shell, accepting their own vulnerabilities, and showing the men themselves as they truly are, without being ‘less of a man’ for doing so. Carolina Herrera understands this desire and launches Bad Boy, an innovative and powerful perfume for unique and irreverent me. Perfume for men who dare to embrace all of the facets of contemporary manhood, and remain authentic to themselves. You can now get this new scent before anybody else, at duty free stores.

I have been thinking about this project for a while: I wanted to design a fragrance that would capture new masculinity. The idea was to craft an exquisite perfume, based on a ground- breaking the formula, built around contrast and rich ingredients. It had to be contained in an impressive flacon which would feature an iconic symbol. The image had to be not only creative but also committed.” Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Fragrances at Carolina Herrera has said.

A spirited motto

Bad Boy’s motto is “it’s good to be bad”. This is a surprising, elegant, potent, and sexy Eau de Toilette that aims for excellence. These are the codes of a fragrance built around opposites. The darkness of Tonka Bean, Cacao and Amber wood, contrast with the luminosity of sage, white pepper, and bergamot. Bad Boys are super confident, and this is reflected in the duality of this fragrance.

The outside

The seductive aroma of Bad Boy comes packaged in an incredibly distinctive bottle. Carolina Herrera curates the iconic lightening shape, which is a symbol of heroism and strength in many cultures. The lightening icon is an emblem of Bad Boy’s personality. Unpredictable, unusual, seductive, captivating, and unique. There are no two identical lightening bolts, and Bad Boy allures and captivates with the speed and precision of lightning.

A powerful seduction

Ed Skrein, the actor known for playing Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, and Ajax in the movie Deadpool, is the star for the Bad Boy campaign. Ed is shown in an elegant New York apartment, applying Bad Boy before going out, and immediately becoming a modern hero. Determined, elegant, heroic, and self-confident, he conquers the city. He is bold, and a rule-breaker with a sensitive side. With this combination, Ed seduces Karlie Kloss, ambassadress for the Good Girl fragrance. The attraction is inevitable. A new story begins. 




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If you are a strong man who is also sensitive, powerful, empathetic, heroic and vulnerable, Bad Boy is the fragrance for you. If you are travelling, you can find this scent exclusively available from September onwards at duty free stores in Argentina, Uruguay, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.