Bronze Wood & Leather is the new addition to Jo Malone London Cologne Intense Collection. Specially designed to ignite the senses with sensual and exuberant aromas, this scent evokes the sultry feeling of skin bronzed by the sun’s evening rays.

Bronze Wood & Leather is the result of many years of collaborative work between Master Perfumer Marie Salamagne, and Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance at Jo Malone London. They started experimenting with leather molecules seven years ago and managed to successfully give a new twist to the brand. To reinforce the bronze, wood, and leather notes, Marie combined vetiver, sandalwood and cedarwood.

“The wood leather molecule in perfumery, we are not able to extract the olfactive from leather, as we would from a flower or a wood, so a completely new molecule is created. (…) It was totally Jo Malone London – unique and strong, with such a big character, and it’s never been done before.”, said Master Perfumer Marie Salamagne. The combination of wood and leather create an aroma described by Marie as sensual, seductive and intriguing.

Tailor your Jo Malone London scent

Jo Malone London’s scents can be tailored by combining your favourite fragrance layered with another, and  Bronze Wood & Leather is no exception. Marie Salamagne suggests pairing this scent with Oud & Bergamot, or Wood Sage & Sea Salt. The former has a very attractive aroma which amplifies the warm notes whilst the latter adds freshness. Celine Roux recommends combining  Bronze Wood & Leather with Myrrh & Tonka, as together they create an oriental, woody scent that is both alluring and sensual.

Jo Malone London Bronze Wood & Leather can be worn on its own or combined to create a personal scent, in both cases this is an amazing and delightfully cheeky fragrance. Are you ready for the adventure? Find it in duty free stores and enjoy the thrill of this aromatic journey.

In detail

Available in 50ml and 100ml. 

Top note: Grapefruit

It opens with grapefruit and juniper on the top notes, giving a burst of vibrancy.

Middle note: Bronze Wood

Sultry leather notes encased in a medley of woods, specially designed to add sensuality to the base.

Base note: Leather

The wood leather molecule adds a marked sensuality and warmth. Strong and unique, it has the aroma of high quality leather, like an exquisite handbag or a luxurious leather jacket.

Jo Malone London Bronze Wood & Leather

Sultry leather encased in a medley of woods. Introducing new Bronze Wood & Leather. A rich, enveloping Cologne Intense from Jo Malone London.

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