The ability to successfully manage communication and social skills are intrinsic to the art of seduction. Expectations, the image we project, the things we say, and a healthy sense of self-confidence are the key elements that allow us to approach someone. We present three infallible techniques to ensure that the person you like will not be able to take their eyes off you! Remember these tips, and wear Boss the Scent Absolute, a fragrance designed to be noticed everywhere you go.

1. Work on your dreams

Nothing is as attractive as a person who is content with their career and wakes up every day happy with their planned work activities. To be likeable, it is crucial to feeling satisfied with your achievements and to have identified and reached at least some of your goals and dreams. If you are able to confidently connect with yourself, you will also be able to positively connect with others.

2. Make use of your sense of humour

Nothing is better than having a good laugh. The action of laughing increases the production of two main chemicals in the brain (Endorphins, and Serotonin), which are connected to our sense of pleasure, and of general wellbeing. Everybody is attracted to people who can make them laugh with their fun conversations.  

3. Cultivate a sense of mystery

It can be important to hold something back and not reveal all. Allow the other person to get to know you little by little. This approach creates expectations and maintains the interest of any potential partner. They will want to discover more about you, and this feeling can intensify over time.

Magnetic, daring, sensorial, and unexpected. These are some of the words that describe the bodily sensations you can experience when wearing this new fragrance from Hugo Boss. Boss The Scent Absolute is ‘inside knowledge' that connects with any seduction technique.

A scent for Him, and for Her. Both are enveloped in a luxurious and dark aroma, that will make it impossible to go unnoticed.

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