Language is one of the most powerful tools available to us human beings. Words create meaning and can have different connotations depending on space, time and the person who says them. However, there are occasions when words are simply not enough.

Swarovski’s new collections have been inspired by the symbols that go beyond language. Amulets enveloped in history, protective talismans and charms that shine with their own light. Unique jewellery created for modern women who are attuned to their instincts, without the need to use words.

Ancient Mediterranean cultures come together for the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. Resplendent in Swarovski’s signature warm golden colours, terracotta, and shiny pink hues. Find your own sparkle and dazzle at your next destination.

Love, good fortune, health and positivity, strength and personal growth are the words that always accompany us in our dream travels. These are also the messages conveyed by the charms in this collection. Visit duty free stores and discover how the different designs come together in Swarovski’s new style statement.

Collection Highlights

Even though the entire collection is stunning, and you may not be able to settle on one particular design, we have selected for you four pieces that will connect with your instinct. This is the particular connection that makes you look unique.

The Lucky Goddess line is inspired by Morocco and contains many eye-catching talismans. Originality meets interpretation in these timeless symbols. Coral and turquoise hues are embellished with delicate golden details.

Olive is a line of sophisticated pieces ideal for daytime wear. The new and refined prong setting creates a silhouette of sun rays, finding the perfect balance between the extravagant and the subtle. The Swarovski blue crystals are showcased to perfection, nesting in natural colours reminiscent of the sea and the sand.

The Oxygen line embodies a more abstract interpretation of the eternally popular Turkish Eye bead. The combination of metallic tones and light blue pavé inject the right amount of colour, whilst the fine milgrain detailing adds a further refined texture that sparkles in contact with light.

Naeli is the perfect line for fans of layering. The striking combination of elements in clear crystal baguettes and glamorous blue stones, capture the light creating a circular centrepiece that is both stylised and timeless. This line offers original styles that promise to become favourite pieces in any jewellery collection.

Choose from any of the items from Swarovski Spring/Summer 2019 Collection and be the centre of attention.

Swarovski Lucky Goddess Charms Bracelet

An eclectic assortment of lucky talisman symbols.

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