The story behind Frangipani Flower and the new Blossoms Collection by Jo Malone London is quite fascinating. Céline Roux, Head of Global Product Development, talked about her first memory of frangipani, from a trip to Bali many years ago. She was not even working in fragrance at that point, so it was more about the flower looks than the scent. It is very different from other blossoms, with a pinwheel of beautiful white petals and a bright yellow centre, that you can even spot the flower from miles away.

Then, while working in perfumery, and often travelling to Asia, Céline came across the frangipani many times. The flowers are so iconic and symbolic there, and you will find them blooming everywhere, planted near ornate temples or worn by Hindu women in their hair. The inspiration to work with the frangipani flower fragrance, and to create the Blossoms Collection was born through these experiences. Jo Malone London wanted to play with their previous limited editions while also celebrating one of the blossoms in their regular line-up.

The Blossoms Collection promises to transport you into a universe of colours, and where flowers are the main stars. The new launch from Jo Malone London gives you choices. You can wear the aroma of Blossoms as a cologne, or incorporate them into your home as diffusers. Scent your home effortlessly. Spring is here, let it in!

The Blossoms Collection includes

• Frangipani Flower Cologne, characterised by a sweet and airy lightness.

• Silk Blossom Cologne brings the sweet scent of silk tree blossom.

• Silk Blossom Home Candle is ideal to help you relax, meditate, and uplift.

• Star Magnolia Cologne, a bouquet of delicate white blossoms that evokes Springtime.

• Star Magnolia Hair Mist is loaded with nourishing and softening ingredients for your hair. 

All the fragrances in this collection can be used on their own or combined to create a totally unique scent.

Frangipani Flower Cologne 100 ml

Falling into the heart of a frangipani flower and its sweet and airy lightness 

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