House of Chivas launches their first blended malt, a perfect mix of innovation and tradition. Ultis, a deluxe edition loved by whisky connoisseurs, is now available at duty free stores around the world.

Chivas Ultis is a unique whisky. Every drop contains five precious single malts, selected from five of the most cherished Speyside distilleries in Scotland. This prestigious whisky-producing region is characterized by the diversity and style of their flavours, for which it is world renowned. For example, Out of the millions of inventory of Chivas Brothers, only 1%  is utilized to craft Chivas Ultis. This is the level of perfectionism applied to create Ultis.

Chivas used traditional selection and manual blending methods, no longer the norm in the modern whisky industry. This approach generates better control of the different blends created and also pays homage to the history of Chivas.

The malts that make up Ultis also celebrate the vision and efforts of the five Master Blenders since the launch of Chivas in 1909 (Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Alan Baillie, Jimmy Lang, and Colin Scott, who is the current Custodian Master Blender).

The blends that make up the heart of Chivas were created by James and John Chivas, the founding brothers who were pioneers in the art of whisky blending in Scotland during the 19th Century. Since then, Chivas has been an integral part of positioning Scotch whisky into a special category worldwide, always blending the best malt and grain to create an extraordinary product. For Chivas, blended is better.

Chivas Ultis Pack

An objet d’art

Chivas Ultis is presented in a glass bottle that reflects the value and singularity of this unique whisky. It has been designed to highlight a slender motif and golden crest. The five Master Blenders are celebrated in a pen-clip closure etched with five rings, and the Roman numeral figure for five on the base which beautifully complements the bottle’s sleek neck design. These features alone transform the bottle into a wonderful Art Deco piece in itself.

The concept behind Ultis is all about respect and reverence of the Chivas DNA. To this end, Chivas Regal partnered with digital artists FIELD to combine Generative Art with DNA analysis, bringing to life the essence of the five craftsmen that created Chivas Regal Ultis. 

This is the perfect whisky to enjoy with friends, or on special occasions. Find Chivas Ultis at duty free stores next time you travel.


Chivas Ultis Deluxe Blend

Discover the essence of the renowned Scottish House with this blended Malt.

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