In celebration of the iconic HARIBO Goldbear’s 100th birthday, the famous German confectionery brand is teaming up with Dufry at Antalya Airport to offer special discounts to shoppers.

Passengers who purchase any three HARIBO products at the airport can claim a free baking pan to help them make their favourite recipes. In addition, RED by Dufry members can claim an exclusive discount of up to 20% on the bear-shaped HARIBO Goldbear gift box.

Bonn-based candy maker Hans Riegel created the HARIBO Goldbears in 1922, just two years after he established his confectionery company. He was inspired by the popular fairground attraction, Tanzbären  or dancing bears, of the 19th century. As the first fruit gum product in bear form, the Goldbears opened up a world market and laid the foundations for the international success of the young company.

Today, it is hard to imagine confectionery shelves without the iconic HARIBO Goldbears and, although innovation continues at HARIBO, the Goldbears still hold a very special place.

"The Goldbears are our most precious family heirloom," says Hans Guido Riegel, Managing Partner of the family-owned company. "My grandfather invented them, and it is the task of each subsequent generation to nurture this legacy and develop it further with such care that it will continue to bring joy to people all over the world for many years and decades to come."

Today HARIBO Goldbears bring joy to young and old all over the world. In fact, over 160 million Goldbears roll off the production line every day. Placed head to toe, the HARIBO Goldbears produced in a single year would wrap around the world ten times.

The HARIBO portfolio now boasts over 1,000 products worldwide, from foam jellies and fruity chews to zesty sours and salty liquorice, manufactured at 16 production sites in 10 countries. Bags of HARIBO goodness bring moments of happiness every day to fans in over 100 countries around the world.

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