Cask Haven is the first exclusive single malt whiskey from Glen Grant from the marque’s limited edition Rothes Chronicles series – a collection of three whisky variations named after the home of Glen Grant in Rothes Scotland.

Dedicated to the distillery’s rich history, Cask Haven is dedicated to the ingenuity of Glen Grant’s most well known son, James “the Major” Grant, the innovating son of co-founder James Grant and a true single malt enthusiast. After inheriting the company in 1872, the Major embarked on a programme of modernisation, installing electricity at the Rothes distillery and fitting the tall, slender stills responsible for the light, crisp flavours the brand is known for today.

Named for the imposing three-story warehouse the Major designed to house his innovative, steam powered machine to lift and rotate stored barrels, Cask Haven has an equally inventive bright barley colouring with a fruity, honied aroma containing notes of Christmas spice, sweet raisin and vanilla. On the palate, the malt is creamy and nutty experience with a warm, sweet finish. It’s a single malt the Major would have been proud of, and an exciting first taste of the Chronicles’ chapters to come.

GLEN GRANT Glen Grant Cask Haven

Glen Grant Cask Haven is an exclusive, soft and fruity single malt whiskey. The first of three Rothes Chronicles, you’ll want it, and the other two, in your collection

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