Available exclusively in Duty Free until October, Chivas Regal XV Scotch whisky has been aged for a minimum of 15 years and finished in Grande Champagne Cognac to amplify its luxurious fruity and velvety facets. Chivas Regal’s roots go back as far as 1801 to Aberdeen, Scotland, where it was sold in a grocery store. Over two centuries later, it remains true to its origins and is still considered the epitome of luxury Scotch Whisky.      

Its tasty secret? Well, it’s all in the blend. Expect the unexpected in the form of notes of stewed red apples, orange marmalade, smooth honey, punchy cinnamon and plump sultanas, all punctuated with silky vanilla. It’s the star of the show in any cocktail, but is also just as delicious enjoyed neat over ice.

We have the maturation process to thank for the complex flavour. Chivas Regal XV blurs the lines between Scotch Whisky and cognac. It is matured for 15 years in a variety of casks, before being transferred to hand-selected French oak Grande Champagne Cognac casks and blended again with the Chivas Regal original blend. France’s Grande Champagne region in renowned around the globe for producing the best cognacs. It’s this process that amplifies those deliciously fruity notes that roll around the tongue. "This 15-year-old blend is the perfect drink to enjoy while out celebrating ‒ a new addition to the Chivas portfolio that challenges the way we enjoy whisky,” says Sandy Hyslop, Director of Blending at Chivas Regal. “We love to experiment with new tastes and concepts, and Chivas XV does just that."

Chivas Regal XV is perfect enjoyed anywhere, any time, but it’s available right now exclusively in Duty Free and it’s not something you’ll want to miss out on.


Cocktail Hour

Fancy something a little different? Try Chivas Regal XV in a cocktail or two. *

The Old Fashioned

The fruity notes in Chivas Regal XV are perfectly suited to this sophisticated cocktail.

You need:

60ml Chivas Regal XV

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

A cube of brown sugar

A coil of orange peel


Get Mixing:

1. We suggest chilling your glass in the freezer beforehand. Once it’s feeling frosty, it’s time to pop in your sugar cube.

2. Splash on your bitters and muddle the two together.

3. Add 15ml of Chivas Regal XV and an ice cube. Mix everything together until the ice cube begins to melt.

4. Add another 15ml of whisky, followed by another cube of ice. Again, mix away until the ice begins to melt. Repeat this until you have incorporated the entire 60ml of whisky.

5. Snap the orange peel over your cocktail to release some of its oils, and use the peel to garnish.

6. Enjoy.


The Collins

A true icon that’s as tasty now as it was when it was invented in the 1820s.

You need:

2 slices of green apple

50ml of Chivas Regal XV

100ml of lemonade

50ml of soda water

A coil of lime peel


Get Mixing:

1. Pop the apple slices into a tall cocktail glass and pour over Chivas Regal XV.

2. Allow the slices a couple of minutes to absorb some of the whisky before throwing in some ice and adding the lemonade.

3. Give everything a good stir.

4. Top the cocktail off with soda water and garnish with the lime peel.

5. Enjoy.



* Cocktail recipes are adapted from existing Chivas recipes

Chivas Regal XV

Aged for a minimum of 15 years and selectively finished in Grande Champagne Cognac casks, this unique whisky is luxuriously fruity and deliciously sweet. 

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