Named after the north-easterly winds that signal the return of long hot days of summer to the Iberian peninsula, Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin combines the distilled essence of all that is great about Galicia. From its abundant natural produce to the artisanal skill of its proud people, this white Albariño-grape crafted gin evokes the spirit of Galicia in delicious and surprising ways.


Nordés is made using a slow and carefully crafted elaboration process in a small distillery in Vedra, close to Santiago de Compostela. And, unlike the more common grain-based spirit, Nordés breaks all the rules with its grape base, which is made using pomace of Albariño and Galician botanicals, including lemon peel, hibiscus, liquorice and eucalyptus.

The result of this revolutionary recipe, developed by pairing the palate of sommelier Juan Luis Méndez with the skill of Galician winemaking brothers Xoan and Xoxé Torres Cannas, is a distinctively bold and aromatic gin. It is lively and refreshing, like the Galician coastal breeze itself, and perfect for any gin & tonic or gin martini.

The 2018 Duty Free Limited Edition bottle is not only an ode to Galicia and its culinary and ceramic artisans, but it also evokes the joy of travel and the treasures you find along the way.

Gin Nordés Travel Retail Exclusive Edition Dufry 2018

A lively and refreshing Dufry Limited Edition gin based on grapes from Galicia for your or your gin-loving friends who thought they had tried everything.

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