Choosing a whisky from the store’s aisles can be tricky for those people who are not connoisseurs, as there are countless options, and a wide range of prices. Experienced whisky drinkers may also have difficulty in choosing a surprising flavour that is better than their favourite one.

However, both connoisseurs and beginners will fall in love at their first sip of the new Glenfiddich Grand Cru. A super exclusive whisky that seamlessly blends Scotland together with France. If we haven’t convinced you yet, read on to find out the three reasons why you should not end this year without having tried this delicious blend.

The Finish

The first compelling reason to try this whisky is the finishing process in French cuvée casks. Matured in a small number of American oak, and ex-sherry casks, Glenfiddich Grand Cru has then been finished for four months in a combination of first-fill and second-fill French oak casks, which have previously been used to ferment wine that will eventually become Champagne.

Undoubtedly, this finish lends a soft and authentic flavour to this whisky. The best of Scotland and France achieve an exceptionally delicate flavour.



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The Notes

Although this blend is quite intense, even those unfamiliar with whisky will be able to enjoy it.

The Nose: soft lemon and pink lady apple notes sit alongside a heavier creaminess. Marzipan, and honey brioche follow. The apple becomes more intense with time, picking up grapes, floral honey, and the merest hint of red fruits along the way.

On the palate it unveils slightly oily, sweet, honeyed fruits, with a rush of cream, then baked apple tart with extra apple skins, and flecks of spice. The sweet nuttiness from the nose is also present.

The finish is dry and short, with notes of hazelnuts, brioche, and honeysuckle.

Glenddich Pack

and Cheers!

The end of the year brings lots of gatherings, dinners, and parties. Every day is a good excuse to say goodbye to the year, exchange seasonal greetings, and drink something special. This is why Glenfiddich Grand Cru is the perfect accompaniment for these events.

Created for the non-conformists, this whisky has been uniquely crafted as a surprising delight at every sip, for those tearing up the rule book, and those who want to celebrate big life moments in a whole new way. Get this whisky, and bring it to any gathering to enjoy this new experience with your loved ones. 

Glenfiddich Grand Cru

This exclusive Glenfiddich expression has been matured for 23 years in American and European oak casks and elegantly finished in rare French cuvee casks.

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