Gin is fashionable. One of the classic cocktails in every bar of the world, the Gin & Tonic, evolves and becomes playful. While the mixologists add creativity and flavor, it is drunk in risky combinations incorporating summer aromas. 

The season brings bottled freshness, fruity aromas and light mixtures. For this reason, Edinburgh Gin, always committed to the complex art of distillation and the creation of international award winner gins, went a step further with the development of a new an unexpected taste: Watermelon and lime. 

In partnership with Dufry, Edinburgh Gin launched Watermelon and Lime, an exclusive product only available in airport stores in the United Kingdom and around the world. This new taste is a great opportunity to take bottled summer to your home.

Art & Innovation

Nowadays, Edinburgh Gin is regarded as an artisanal distillery. Their Super Premium Gin has become the Number 1 seller in the UK, leading in the category with limited production. Dufry has promoted Edinburgh Gin since 2016. This alliance continues to this day, with the launch of the exclusive gin creation, Watermelon and Lime.

Edinburgh Gin Summer

Watermelon and Lime, the perfect mix

The exclusive, Edinburgh Gin Watermelon and Lime 1 litre 40% ABV full strength gin is the perfect summer drink. Fresh, bright watermelon notes provide a fruity sweetness that is met with a sharp bite of tartness from the lime.

Great news for frequent travellers seeking to purchase high-quality gin.

Edinburgh Gin

Enjoy a taste of summer with the exclusive Edingburgh Gin!

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