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How to cope with the Holiday Blues Effect

We all feel down and out after our holidays. 

What does Holiday Blues mean? It is the state of mind that we often feel as soon as we land. A mixture of tiredness and depression, as we contemplate returning to our daily routines. There are a number of both emotional and physical factors involved, including jet lag, time zone difference, and changes to eating routines.

A simple way to best manage Holiday Blues is to return to our daily habits and focus on resting. Physical activity is always an ally when it comes to moving on from feeling sad. It is really important to deal with your return in a calm manner and to keep the focus on enjoying your recent memories. We would like to suggest the following 5 allies to help manage this transition.

A relaxing caress

First of all, the best idea is to be kind to yourself and avoid over dramatising the thought of returning to your daily routine. You could enjoy a moment of solitude, and jump into a hydromassage pool. Or simply have a nice warm bath, adding a relaxing bath oil with aromas that can help takes us to our peaceful place. Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil is a great option to try, as it is made of concentrate essential oils including camomile and basil.



A taste of holidays

Travelling often also includes new gastronomic journeys. When we get to our new destination, our daily routines change. We will have different foods for breakfast, try new flavours, and drink unusual beverages to celebrate occasions.

This is the reason why when we buy a bottle of that favourite drink or take home with us some of the foods we have enjoyed on holidays, we feel as if we are still travelling. Swiss chocolate from when we visited the snowy mountains, or a good French cognac if we spent the weekend in Paris, for example. A way of not only remembering the taste and flavours that made us happy on holidays but also of sharing these moments with those friends and family who were not there.

To play with memories

If we have children, a clever way of extending the holiday mode is to choose an allegoric game that will allow us to remember the good times we enjoyed as a whole family. It is important to select an educational game with a team-based objective. A jigsaw puzzle or a Lego set themed around a particular city, for example, is perfect to help remain connected to such pleasurable times.


Lego London

Carry a special moment within your heart

In these times of digital photography, it is rather interesting to print out some of your best-loved photographic memories. You can then look at these photographs as you walk past them (hanging on a wall for example), and smile to yourself at the memory.

We suggest photo printing the images from your holidays, to create a fantastic family portrait, perfect to hang in the living room, or simply to stick to the fridge with a magnet. The frame is not important.  The idea is to look at these pictures often.

This is a fantastic way to remember your travels, always having them close to you at home. We have chosen a globe-shaped locket that can fit a tiny photo inside. A treasure to look at when we need to reset!


Links of London

Do you want one last tip? The best way to work through Holiday Blues is to start planning your next trip as soon as possible!



Photo by Philipp Cordts on Unsplash
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