Wow, it’s gift-giving season already. We cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by! Already you can feel the hustle and bustle of early shoppers out looking for that perfect something to give to a loved one. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing as good as the feeling you get seeing someone’s face light up when you absolutely nail the gift choice.

But who’s to say that this time of year just has to be about other people? Maybe we should take some time to give ourselves some treats. This tiny act of self care and self indulgence is known as “self-giving” and we wholeheartedly encourage it!

Because it might seem selfish, but in actual fact there are loads of benefits to giving yourself a present. You might be surprised to learn that the number of people who share their self-gifting adventures has increased by 8% in recent years! There’s a growing movement of people who no longer see this as a selfish. And here’s why you should join them.

  • Give better gifts

Believe it or not, you become a better gift giver yourself! By taking the time to understand what you’d like, and why you’d like it, you get yourself into the spirit of giving and a better able to appreciate what other people will be looking for.

  • Relieve stress

It also helps relieve the stress of the holiday season. It’s a busy time of year, so taking a little time out to focus on you will help you unwind and stay in a festive mood. In fact, giving yourself a tiny treat is always a great way to keep your spirits high – putting you in the right frame of mind to celebrate to the max.

  • Avoid awkward “gift-face”

No longer will you have to master the art of the grateful “gift-face” when you receive a present you don’t like! We’ve lost track of how many pairs of socks we’ve had to return over the years…Instead you can make sure you get something you really want by giving it to yourself.

  • Indulge yourself

Finally, don’t forget that self-gifting can also be self pampering. Helping you to look as good as you feel. Of course all of the amazing beauty products in our Duty Free stores can help with that right away. One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to give yourself time to relax with a luxurious face mask – something your skin will thank you for after a long air-conditioned flight. Or you could give your make-up bag an upgrade with one of our many exclusive designer sets.So why not click and reserve yourself something special now, a treat for the next time you fly.

We’d love to see you share your self-gifting, plus it’s great to know how many people out there are doing the same! That way if you’re feeling bad, you’ll know you’re not alone. So tag your photos with #sorrynotsorry, #oops #fail and our fave #dutyfreeguiltfree to show your self-love with pride.